Monday, January 18, 2010


When everything wrong in the world is apparently America's fault, it is pretty easy to take a few cheap pot shots at them.

Just ask Matt, he's the undisputed trigger puller and a "Sunday political columnist" to boot, which says it all really.

For the record we've got quite a bit to actually thank the Yanks for:-

1. That Japanese isn't our first language.
2. That Communism collapsed.
3. That they have helped create and maintain the highest standard of living mankind has ever known.

I realise that these facts are an inconvenient truth for Matt, but reality is that a friend is a friend. Thankfully even most politicians know this simple truth.

Matt's narrow minded point of view just exposes his naive understanding of human nature.


KG said...

The guy is a vomit-inducing creep with the intellectual depth of a fruit fly.
In other words, just another lefty scribbler.

Sinner said...

The biggest problem with America's place in the world

is that - on the small scale - the CIA have stopped taking out crypto-commies like Matt

and on the large scale - that SAC have never taken out commie or islamofacist countries like Iraq or Palestine

Anonymous said...

1. Japanese would never have been a threatened 1st language if the USA had not been trying to block them from Indonesian oil, as part of the capitalist rivalry between Japan and US for top (running) dog status.

2. Gee, we must thank the US for invading other nations to wipe out their choice of political system (admittedly a totalitarian one).

3. '...highest standard of living mankind has ever known.' Uuuuh, for who? Not for the 6.2 billion people who live outside the USA! In fact, not even for millions within the US.

Living standards have droppped in Africa since WW2, thanks to their glorious US liberation.

A trigger puller. Probably a pacifist too. Or some other ist.

WAKE UP said...

"Living standards have droppped in Africa since WW2, thanks to their glorious US liberation."

Anyone who can write that sentence has NO IDEA what's actually going on. Anon - get some history into you, not what you think you've been taught.

KG said...

1) Utter bollocks.Try reading some history. And the rape of Nanking was caused by Yankee imperialists too, was it?
2)We should thank the U.S. for liberating more people than any other nation in history and for not building an empire as a result. (More's the pity--the U.S. as an imperial power would have prevented leftist filth destroying half the world)
3) The U.S. has both directly and indirectly raised the standard of living of billions worldwide. And those "millions within the U.S." are still unimaginably well off by the standards of third-world shitholes.

"Living standards have droppped in Africa since WW2, thanks to their glorious US liberation."
Really? The U.S. 'liberated' Africa? When was that?
Living standards have dropped in Africa since the marxist thugs and fixers took over--something that was enabled by the disgusting leftist useful idiots of the West.
And Zimbabwe has done real well since being 'liberated' by the marxist Mugabe and his thugs, eh?

You're a fuckwit.

WAKE UP said...

Anon - here's a clue: watching Jacob Zuma dancing in a grass skirt should tell you all you need to know about Africa in the 21st century (let alone previous millenia). Extrapolate from there. If you can.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The people of Aceh and Haiti will be exceedingly grateful for those friendly people from the US Military - the ONLY people capable of delivering genuine aid quickly. While the good people from the UN talk big and look for the best hotels left standing.

KG said...

Adolf, Israel moved a very large team of specialists into Haiti, and bloody fast at that.