Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free lunches

Apparently this is a photo of people demanding an increase in minimum wages.
What they're actually demanding is a free lunch in a competitive world.
Their labour is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. Not a cent more.
In the real world it is a very simple process to increase your wage.
Increase your skills so someone is prepared to pay you more or go and work for yourself and pay yourself as much as you want.
These young people would be better served by upskilling themselves than wasting their time in one of Matt's protests.
But for once I agree with Matt's headline
"Government does less than minimum"
Now that's the sort of headline we should be encouraging. If only we could extend it to the rest of what they do.
We could knock a few billion off spending and stop worrying about rearranging the taxation deckchairs.


JC said...

Looks like Matt "hand" picks them. Dirty lucky bugger.


showmethetaxcut said...

Good post Lou. But after 9 years of brainwashing by the socialist fuckwits, don't expect any of the many in this country with an over-inflated sense of entitlement to get it.

Anonymous said...

So, just because we speak English and come from a "first world" country and for no better reason,our labourers a worth more?

leftrightout said...

No one is asking for a free lunch, simply a wage that allows for the basics of life.

If all the cleaners suddenly became doctors and lawyers, who would clean up your shit?

Hell, 12.75 an hour for a cleaner provides a shitload more valuabel work than the millions paid to a man who cannot get a simple task like keeping a cell phone network running.

maybe if Telecom paid a few million less to one man, and few dollars and hour more to those who do the work, XT would not have become EXIT.

Anonymous said...

"If all the cleaners suddenly became doctors and lawyers, who would clean up your shit?"
This would suggest that our populace had become educated and raised our living standards to a point where we could pay more for those who would "clean up our shit"

CB said...

Leftrightout, the problem is that people start on these minimum wage jobs and never improve themselves hence stay on minimum wage for ever and eternity.

The example on TV was of a women who had been a cleaner for 20 years. She didn't seem stupid so could have been anything she aimed to be. Yet her and her husband are happy to stay on minimum wages and bring up up 4+ children in that environment.

Now, with WFF, any incentive for her and her husband to move into better paying jobs has been completely eviserated.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that blondie would be erning more than the minimum wage

Anonymous said...

At $15.00 an hour, who would employ a young person just starting out in the first instance? Far too risky for someone with no qualifications, and no experience, probabaly still living at home or at school. Better to employ an older person or returnee to the workforce, or instead of employing two people at that rate employ one 30 year old for the job with a proven track record to hit the ground running at $25 per hour and safe $5, much safer bets. Even at $12.75 per hour, these young people and Labour types are just shooting themselves in the foot I'd say.

Gooner said...

Oh come on Lou, all these people want is a "decent" wage for a "fair" days work. It's only "fair" that the minimum wage goes up.

Gooner said...

Good god, I;ve just read Leftrightout's comment.

It seems LRO cannot comprehend English.

Lou argued, correctly, that to improve your wages you upskill yourself. If said cleaner is getting paid $12.75 an hour and is struggling then the f***ing answer is to get a better paying job using updated skills, not pay her more to stay cleaning.

Anonymous said...

I recall when I had a manufacturing business and the staff asked for a 10% pay rise and I agree provided production increased by 10%.

They said no way so my answer to their request was the same and by the way none of them were on the minimum wage.

Once I showed them increased production put more money in everyones pocket they learnt one of life's lessons and I made sure social occasions were ones to remember.

I sold the business 6 years ago and they still talk about the Xmas do's.

Result all were happy

Blue Coast

Anonymous said...

I see the minimum wage as a rite of passage. In the days of apprenticeships the expectation was that during training wages were restrained then once a ticket had been obtained they increased or the trainee moved on to his/her own business.

Murray said...

Looking at a few of the whingers here its clear they're not even earning minimum wage. They'd need to be a lot brighter than they are to justify minimum.

And just out of interest $12.75as an hourly rate is more than twice what I'm living on and will be for at least another two years. I noticably have not staved to death.

Try living with your means.

Anonymous said...

Please take down the picture of that butt-ugly protesting pig with the big mouth. Enough is enough! How could anyone hire something like that for any wage?


WAKE UP said...

Has anyone noticed that nearly all those in the pic are young women ?