Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Famous Last Words

Adolf and The Cook went down country to Omokoroa to see some old mates for a couple of days.

The idea was to go kayak fishing on Monday evening but the wind got up and Adolf's host said 'Bugger it, it's too dangerous so we'll just have to go round the other side of the point and paddle out a hundred yards to my mate's boat and fish off that from his mooring. We won't catch anything but never mind.

Two hours later we wandered home with five 1 lb kahawai, one 4 lb kahawai, one 3 lb snapper and one 8 lb snapper.

Adolf's identity is the subject of a local suppression order so no speculation may be entered into within comments.


Keeping Stock said...

Excellent fishing for a non-national figure!

Anonymous said...


Just had three days fishing in the Hauraki gulf and caught nothing of legal size.


Barnsley Bill said...

Well done sir. The scarcity of free fish up this way has reached critical levels.

Cactus Kate said...

A fine exxample of blokedom here.

Well done. No metrosexuality.

Murray said...

We've all known you're actually Heather simpson for years so give it up.

Anonymous said...

Well known fishing spot. Good for kingfish in season as well. Not a bad place to live and bring up your kids either.
Starting to get a bit expensive though.