Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Expect more pointless rhetoric from red National.

Within 24 hours some jumped up twat in the govt, probably Figjam or cardinal Richelieu will start brainfarting about lowering the drink drive limit again.
Some clown has just been caught pissed behind the wheel who already has 5 DIC convictions and 10 for driving while disqualified.
Will lowering the limit stop this princess from doing it again? Of course not, but any excuse to squeeze us all further cannot be passed over.
This is in no way a post in support of drink driving, it sickens me that I even need to say that but such are the times in which we live.
Suggestions on how we can make sure this woman never gets behind the wheel again should be written on a plain postcard and delivered to the comments.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it does beggar belief doesnt it.
Do you think she might be an alcoholic? hmmm.
The Courts are going to have to start recognising that this is probably the case in all recidivist drink drivers.
We need a rehab type jail facility to throw these people into. And ban them for life from driving.
Either that or cut their fucken hands and feet off so they cant drive anymore!

JC said...


Three strikes and you are out.


alex Masterley said...

She will do time.

Anonymous said...

Out of interest ... How many accidents has she actually had?
I would like to see people who have been involved in say 3 or more accidents in a 10yr period lose their license or something.
A record like that, to me, would show a poor driver.

ZenTiger said...

5 DIC convictions and 10 for driving while disqualified.

So when Alex in the comments says "she will do time"

I'm wondering how he knows?

Is 11 the magic number, or does she need to kill some-one first?

And what will the judge say then?

"Gee, there was nothing we could do, and how could we have predicted this would happen, but now we'll throw her in jail for 5 years."

Barnsley Bill said...

Alex, yes she will. A few weeks at best and then home detention. And then when the home detention has finished she will get behind the wheel again, possibly pissed and get caught again.

Inventory2 said...

So what's the answer then BB? Clearly, you don't want the government to legislate any tougher, yet recidivist offenders such as this one are a dime a dozen. And equally clearly, lengthy disqualifications from driving don't work, when offenders make a conscious decision to ignore them.

Instead of slagging off the government for something it hasn't yet done, let alone signalled, how about suggesting some sort of alternative - the Barnsley Proposal.

Barnsley Bill said...

Porridge, with hard labour. Alongside an effective treatment regime for these weaklings to overcome their inability to not drink.
And the porridge needs to be a bit more unpleasant than club med ngawha.

Inventory2 said...

I couldn't agree more BB. We need to make prisons places to be feared, not a cushy alternative place of abode. There - the Barnsley Proposal now has a crusade to embark upon!

Sinner said...

Porridge, with hard labour.

Which I've then got to pay for in my fucking taxes.

The answer is the same as it always is: an armed police force with the correct legal context to use those arms.

In this case, the woman would not drive again nor ever threaten any other road users or law abiding taxpaying productive citizens. Even better: she would have been finished up long before now!
Hell we could even charge her estate for the cost of the bullet.

ZenTiger said...

Judge Dredd your hero by any chance, Sinner? Although he'd at least relegate the driver to the cubes, and hang the cost. Justice doesn't necessarily come cheap. Inhumanity clearly does.

I'm more along the lines of the porridge, hard labour, banned from alcohol and an appropriate rehab program whilst in prison to help soften the alcohol withdrawal.

Anonymous said...

"We need to make prisons places to be feared, not a cushy alternative place of abode."

What a trite, tory boilerplate comment. Saves you from thinking I guess.

At least Sinner honestly sets out the right-wing agenda.

Judge Holden

Sinner said...

Dredd would only shoot the car.

Sinner said...

At least Sinner honestly sets out the right-wing agenda.

Which is the point of him

Barnsley Bill said...

NO, sinner does not set out any right wing agenda. he is a frothing windowlicker who I suspect is a lefty having fun.
If it had been a post about people not returning books on time to the library he would be calling for them to be shot in the neck.

pdm said...

I have advocated this before:

1. First offence fine and disqualification as of now.
2, 2nd Offence within a defined period (say 5 years) - $5,000 fine, one months jail and sell the car irrespective of ownership. Disq. for life.
3. 3rd offence in defined time $10,000 fine, 6 months jail, sell the car irrespective of ownership.

In all cases publish names.

That should start to solve the problem but even then there will still be a few.

Psycho Milt said...

Not much you can do but give 'em some time inside and a good enforced detox. It'd be nice if that kicked in before Alcoholic Waster clocks up that many drunk and disqualified convictions though.

Forget the MPs, my money's on LTSA or similar bureaucrat wowsers using this to promote lowering the limit well ahead of an MP touching it. Great stuff for your performance review - tick one off, seen to be doing something, all without having to do anything difficult like get the existing laws enforced.

Inventory2 said...

pdm - forget the $10k fine, because scambags like this don't pay them, and the state spends that much or more in enforcement before a judge takes pity on the offender and writes the fine off.

I do like the car forfeiture suggestion though, and some SERIOUS jail time with appropriate treatment offered.