Friday, January 22, 2010

Carter, Goff and the next election

Others have covered Chris Carters latest shameful jetset troughing so there is not much point going over the hilarity of him being so desperate for another free trip that he is prepared to journey to a place that would lock him up for being a practicing homosexual. So I shall not.

However, this latest jolly does raise a couple of other points.

1. Carter has obviously realised that the good times are over and is probably gorging as much as he can before retiring at the next lolly scramble.

2. What sort of a gutless wimp is Phil Goff? Seriously, on what level would approving another luxury trip for Carter and his partner seem like an okay idea by the labour leadership. Labour has no leader.


anonymous nutbar said...

If he diverts up to SFO on the way there, he can pick up the bundle of sociology textbooks inadvertently left in a restroom by a former colleagues husband.

Anonymous said...

Is Carter really taking his partner or did you just make that up?

anonymous nutbar said...

His wife demands to be taken on these junkets because he is constantly fretting over the idea that Chris cheats on him in his absence (and he'd be right)

WAKE UP said...

Bunker mentality, scorched-earth policy - always the last resort/s of the blinkered loser.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Goff is playing a stategic game here, and not expecting Carter to come back until he's served time for his "activities"


Anonymous said...

It's all an evil plot to get rid of him. Just like that bit in Brokeback Mountain.

Keeping Stock said...

"Practising homosexual"? I would have thought that he'd be good anough at it now that he didn't have to practice any more!

Anonymous said...

Really who gives a fuck?

A National government that lasts only three terms is a failure. Key and co should be around until at least 2020 if not longer - and will increase their seats at the next election.

Why does one red cent of my taxes go to these scum?

Easy savings for Key - defund labour and the unions.

Who would complain?