Monday, January 25, 2010


Fiji has struck gold.

Tomorrow there is expected an announcement by Vatukoula Gold Mines PLC that new reserves worth US$3 billion have been discovered.

Fiji currently operates a royalty on gold of 2.5%. Adolf's advice to The Commodore is to immediately impose an export tax on gold of 5.0% on the grounds that Fiji needs the money and if the miners don't like it they can leave the bloody stuff in the ground.

If the reserve is mined over ten years, The Commodore can look forward to an annual windfall of $US 22.5 million plus all the associated jobs with their economic multiplier effect.

Go Frankie!


KG said...

Cool! That's great news.

KG said...

And if we had any sense here in NZ we'd be aggressively looking for more of the same, national parks be buggered.

Medusa said...

Amen to that KG

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you sound like you've joined the Green Party, Finky... ;)

KG & Medusa - well, the latter's name says it all. Hideous by name, hideous by nature, huh?

Tell us, where will you two live when you've paved the world in gold-plated concrete? Your McMansion with gardens that you periodically dig up in case there are minerals in it? Right.

Medusa said...

anonymous..... go kiss my arse, on second thoughts no, kiss your own stinking hairy arse

KG said...

Something grubby and stinking is yapping at your ankles Medusa. lolol!