Friday, December 31, 2010

Final wrap for 2010

Here's a good laugh for the end of year.

This woman actually believes that Helen Clark, by sitting on her arse in a New York skyscraper and spending other people's money, is going to solve poverty in the world.

Anyway what will 2011 bring.
1. More of the same. Labour or Labourlite will win the election. John Key's optimisim may not rub off on as many people this time around. Goff will just be rubbed off.
2. The Maori Party will continue to ensure that we remain the most bi-multicultural country in the world.
3. The Greens will finally see a drop in support as their bullshit starts to wear thin.
4. ACT will have to do a serious reinvention of their brand.
5. Peters will come close but thankfully not close enough. ( can we please have our money back)
6. The media will ensure that our chance to get rid of MMP is pissed against the wall of ignorance.
7. Another pleasant location for the next round of climate summit/saving the world will be found.
8. Helen Clark will be paid another wad of tax free cash and there will be even more poor people in the world.
9. We will win the RWC, everyone will party and forget about the $20 billion deficit for another night.

Anyway that's all for next year.
Happy New Year's Eve 2010 everyone.


Yes I know he grew up in a home where a portrait of 'Uncle Joe' beamed benignly down giving hope and vision of a new world order where everyone worked cooperatively for the good of the State (and where dissenters got free all expenses paid holidays to somewhere in Siberia).

And yes I know he is on the public record as an apologist for the genocidal maniac Pol Pot as the best thing to happen to Cambodia since unpolished rice.

So why am I surprised when Keith Locke parrots the ritual left wing condemnation of the SAS involved in the Kabul operation. Bugger the facts still to emerge. Just stick the boot as a Pavlovian response nurtured by a visceral hatred of anything the western allies might do in order to bring sanity to that unfortunate country.

Keith, war is shitty. People get hurt. That is the nature of the business. But highly trained and disciplined soldiers act within the rules of engagement as laid down and I for one support them 100% in doing just that.

They have my respect. Keith Locke, communist bred and nurtured and successfully infiltrated into the Greens certainly does not.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chalk and Cheese

Just watched a few minutes of Hannity's interview with Dubbya.

Now there was a real president.

Unlike the crooked devious lickyourarse all sort they've got in the White House for the next two long years. Black on the outside, red in the middle.

Spot The Similarity

Adolf first made contact with dark skinned gentlemen from the African continent during the nineteen sixties. At Lincoln College (now university) there were half a dozen of these black bastards who were studying under the aegis of the then Colombo Plan whereby my parents and other Kiwi tax payers funded their education and living expenses.

I joined the 'International Club' where students from other countries mixed with locals. This was my very first experience of realpolitik. Seared in my memory is the statement from one of these paragons or political virtue:-

"I am coming here to get a fine education Man, so that I can go back home and steal my countrymen blind."

He was not joking or being flippant. Likely he has long ago been assassinated but his progeny live on, it seems.

It is not coincidence that most of the world's flash points are run by people just like this guy.

With no apologies to hand wringing PC leftists, have a quick look through the list and you will see most of the ' leaders' of these tropical or desert shit holes are either black bastards or Islamists. ALL are corrupt crooks and despots who seem to have no shortage of money for weapons.

Fifty years ago, naively we trained them.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Comment of the Week

From Whaleoil

"One con­so­la­tion for Ricky — at least you didn’t have to play the 40% of the match you weren’t paid for."

Verbal diarrhea

It appears that oral history isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

In a world where the past is the past this wouldn't really matter.
But in a world where big money rides on what is apparently verbal diarrhea, it would be good to have the real truth acknowledged.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


From 1970 t0 1976 Adolf drove some ninety thousand MILES each year, in Western Australia.
Come annual leave time, on Christmas eve, the car keys were thrown onto the sideboard and there they stayed until around February 1st.

I've never got out of the habit and therefore I have no sympathy for these brainless idiots, whinging and moaning about traffic jams.

What the hell do they expect? Maybe they could try getting out of bed a bit earlier - say 0400.

However, there is always a silver lining.

Auckland is a great place to live, once all the dozy pricks who live here go somewhere else with their thousand decibel boom boxes to tailgate, overtake on bends, cut off the other bloke, honk their fucking horns, run red lights and give everyone else the finger.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Stick To Fixing Cricket Matches

I see some Paki economist is predicting doom and gloom for New Zealand consumers. And of course it is the ever friendly Herald which is now resorting to dreaming up predictions of bad economic news when there is actually no economic bad news.

The piece is almost straight out of Labour Party taking points with the two most egregious falsehoods here:-

  • He believed next year would be even tougher than this year, as households were hit with extra costs from October's rise in GST, increasing costs of fuel, higher ACC levies and taxes from the emissions trading scheme.
  • "The bottom 60 per cent of income earners are worse off than they were last year. I think the early part of 2011 will be pretty difficult."
I do hope someone will tell this kebab muncher that (a) having your marginal tax rate reduced from 33% to 17.5% does not make you worse off and (b) only a few days ago it was announced that ACC levies would not be increasing next year.

They Batted Like New Zealanders

Adolf and Gooner settled down yesterday over a couple of beers and Christmas Day left overs to watch the first session of the Boxing Day test.

What a remarkable two hours of cricket. Australia's batsmen simply threw away the match and the series.

Adolf watched for an hour or so before stumps and offers the following observations.

  • The game was over on the first day. This time there will be no come back.
  • The Aussie batsmen played like New Zealanders. They flailed at everything off the stumps and paid the price.
  • Adolf wondered during the first session whether the Australians realised they were in a Test Match
  • The Pommy bowlers, particularly Anderson, were superb.
  • The Pommy batsmen (batters are for baseball) let all the high risk balls go through to the keeper. That's why they have lost no wickets.
  • Australia's bowlers ranged from mediocre to just plain bloody awful with Johnston and Harris both hurling the ball down yards from the batsmen and the extreme reach of acrobatic keeper Haddin, gifting the Poms with eight runs.
  • Ponting's field placings were puzzling. With seam bowlers operating, at one stage early on he had only two slips with men on the boundary. The Poms clearly were not in the mood for hook and pull shots. Ponting thought he was bowling against Australians.
  • The umpires are blind. How you could miss an edge that was thicker than a Labour Party blogger is beyond me. And why on earth were those two free boundaries from Johnston and Harris adjudged byes? They were wides by a country mile.
  • An hour and a half from stumps, the stands were nearly empty. Earlier in the day they held 84,000 people. It looked as though 80,000 gave up in disgust.
  • Boxing Day at Melbourne saw the end of Ricky Ponting's career. Australians will never forgive him for this humiliation. What a sad end to an excellent career.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas round up

A quick round up

1. Labour think that the ETS scam should get more teeth to screw over NZ business quicker. What a winning idea for them. But I would recommend false teeth, in keeping with the theme. Sadly Nick Smith probably agrees with them.

2. Government awards itself a pay rise, backed dated to July. Key urges a freeze. How about legislating a freeze. Maybe he could have just urged an increase in GST.

3. My bet is that the Crafar farms will end up with Landcorp. I don't know why governments thinks they are better farmers than private individuals. Wasn't that tried in some part of the world with disastrous results. I guess having our money to play with makes farming easier. No pesky bank managers to annoy them when they write the big cheques.

4. The MMP referendum next year will be a shambles with MMP being retained. The media will wallow in it. Politicians and 100's of thousands of people who rely on them for a living will breath a sigh of relief. The status quo will continue - as long as Bill can bring home the $300,000,000 bacon each week. But I do sleep easier knowing that Bill guarantees we will be back in surplus by 2015. That's a big relief.

5. There is a very strong probably that there will soon be trouble in Korea. The South Koreans will be unwilling to back down and actually have the steel to sort things out. You don't rebuild a country in 50 years by stepping backwards. Our troops had better be on the first plane to Busan to help our friends out.

6. Our national past time of child abuse will continue unabated as no government can solve the problem by social engineering, when that is also a big part of the problem. The only real solution is showing the perpetrators no mercy whatsoever. Keep it simple- 20+ years imprisonment with no bail.

7. I was going to mention Phil Goff but can't think of anything worthwhile to say. For some reason the word twilight comes to mind. Is Goff now the stuffed man?

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all and I wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year

This Makes More Sense

Chinese interests are seeking to take a 50.01% interest in PGG Wrightsons.

Adolf expects the bid, unlike the ridiculous and shambolic bid for Crafar Farms, will be successful.
The bidders are Agria Corporation, already a 19 per cent shareholder in PGG Wrightson, and New Hope Group, one of China's biggest agribusiness companies.

Agria chief executive Tao Xie, a PGG Wrightson director, said the two Chinese companies were seeking no more than 50.01 per cent of Wrightsons and would form a joint venture to make the bid........

.........Agria, a New York-listed, China-based agricultural investment company, bought into PGG Wrightson last year.

Its bid partner New Hope is not well known in New Zealand but is a major producer of feed as well as meat, eggs and dairy products.

There is nothing strategic about a piss ant once was dominant farm services company which is remembered by four generations of farming families for the way it screwed its customers when times were tough. Therefore it is difficult to see what damage or downside for New Zealand there might be from such foreign investment.

On the other hand, control of a significant part of our milk production and processing industry by overseas interests whose reputation for quality control is akin to the SlackCaps' reputation for winning had the potential to cause serious long term damage to our biggest export earner. That's the real reason the Crafar Farms bid was denied. The inept dolt fronting the bid simply gave the excuse for the decision.

Good luck PGG Wrightsons. You'll need plenty of it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Slazenger's Double Fault

At long last the science around the Global Warming / Climate Change is starting to settle and it's not doing any favours for John Key's and Tim Groser's credibility.

The sooner they find a way to extricate themselves from their damn fool Emissions Trading Scheme the better off we'll all be.

New Zealand's chief conspirator, Dr Jim Slazenger, has been outed fudging the figures in this latest development - an apparent peer review carried out by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Unfortunately for Dr Jim the insipid report's commentary gave him a couple of backhanders.

NIWA has abandoned the official national temperature record and created a new one following sustained pressure from the NZ Climate Science Coalition and the Climate Conversation Group.......

.........NIWA’s complete renunciation of the old graph was confirmed recently by their admission in a court document that the graph was not an “official” record. Which means they have also disowned Dr Jim Salinger’s methodology, which created the graph......

.........“Almost all of the 34 adjustments made by Dr Jim Salinger to the 7SS have been abandoned, along with his version of the comparative station methodology.

NIWA is clearly not prepared to defend the adjustments exposed in Are we feeling warmer yet? But it took a court case to force them into a corner......

And here's the clanger- no warming in NZ since 1960. Yep! No warming in the last fifty years. It was all invented by that double faulting Slazenger.:-

For all their talk about warming, for all their rushed invention of the “Eleven-Station Series” to prove warming, this new series shows that no warming has occurred here since about 1960. Almost all the warming took place from 1940-60......

Apparently the good doctor had difficulty (a) keeping his thumb off the scientific scales as well as (b) obeying his Superior's instructions, the latter for which finally he was sacked.

To its eternal disgrace, NIWA had to be forced into court before it would recognize the travesty it had sponsored and promoted.

More Please! !

Adolf chuckled as he read the Labour leaning Herald's puff piece on Labour's octogenarian veterinarian, another millstone around Goff's neck.

They just don't seem to get it. Neither Labour nor the Herald.

Articles like this cement in the public mind all that is negative about Labour.

  • They are all old bastards.
  • They don't do anything constructive.
  • Digging for dirt is their primary, indeed only, focus.
  • They are out of touch with the public.
  • They have no ideas, initiative or imagination.
  • The party matters more than the country.
  • We pay these useless pricks a fortune to indulge in this childish carry on.
  • You couldn't seriously allow this rabble to run the country.
Can anyone remember anything this failed MP, failed minister, failed chief party strategist and now failed dirt digger has ever done during his long, tedious and very ordinary twenty-one year term to better the lives or New Zealanders?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Common Sense Trumps Ideology

Adolf has made plain his views on the Chinese bid for Crafar Farms properties and a slice of New Zealand's dairy processing industry.

Today, the NCTionalMP administration has put the bid where it belongs, in the trash can.

The decision covers the applications by Natural Dairy to acquire UBNZ Assets Holdings Limited and a retrospective application to acquire four Crafar farms which UBNZ purchased in February 2010.

"We concur with the Overseas Investment Office's recommendation that consent should be declined," they said in a joint statement.

"We will not be commenting further on our decision."

Well done.

Now the receivers can get on and sell the properties one by one, as they should have done right from the start.

Get a real job Mallard.

Dear Trevor
Just a quick note to ask you why you, and the rest of your ilk, feel you have to make shit up in order to be heard?

You latest post at Red Alert, entitled "Save ACC" is by far and away, and without a shadow of a doubt, as big of a piece of horse shit as you've ever written.
We both know that ACC is not in any danger of being sold off or closed, so why would you invite your readers to "be kept up to date on the campaign to stop the ACC sell off"?
I'd bet a lazy $20.00 that even the uber sychophant spud knows this isnt true, but doesn't want to banned for life for saying so.
So Trevor, as you're obviously not very bright, then let me help you. Allowing people to make choices about work place insurance is not selling off ACC, but you already knew that didnt you.
So what does that make you Trevor?

PS How sad it is that the hard earned taxes of so many kiwis is used to support you while you indulge yourself producing such works of fiction. Sad little man.

Not important enough.........

Has anyone else noticed that the major, a term I use loosely, lefty blogs, ie The Standard, Red Alert, The Greens, and No Right Turn, have made absolutely no mention of the disturbing child abuse stories that have so exercised the country of late.
For my part the antics of Mark Hotchin, what Clark says about Wikileaks, Mad Cath's opinions about anything, and how apparently dishonest the National Party are, is all very small beer when compared to the mental images I have of a small child being tortured in MY neighbourhood. A small girl cringing in a wardrobe whilst in agony from the wounds inflicted by those who are supposed to love her and care for her evokes in me the deepest sadness.

I weep for her. I weep for her and all the others that we dont know about, yet.

I am also deeply concerned for a nation where those who are desperate to rule, and who would do "whatever it takes " to achieve power, cannot bring themselves to comment on this, the most serious issue facing the country today, or are they hoping it will just go away.

Bastards all.

It Is No Coincidence......

The ten yearly US census results have been announced and, as widely expected, there has been significant growth in conservatively governed states and depletion in those with a more socialist bent. In short, the snobby, up themselves Eastern States and the rust belt union dominated states have shed population which has moved to the feet on the ground, low tax, job creating states.

Texas, continuing seven consecutive decades of growth, will gain the most seats with four more House members in 2012. Florida gains two, while Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington each gain one.

States losing seats include Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All those states lost one seat apiece, save for New York and Ohio, which lost two each........

....."It is no coincidence that the states gaining population the fastest over the last 10 years have lower tax rates and, consequently, stronger economies. As states draw new congressional districts to reflect this shift, we will certainly see more Republicans in the U.S. House," McHenry said.

You'd think Obama might get the message?

No? He's too busy.

Of course, these silly people will be made to realise they are wrong, wrong, wrong when the Socialists legislate, regulate all these go ahead states into submission. They just don't understand what's good for them.

For those who are unaware, state governors have considerable influence over the 'redistricting' process for federal electorate boundaries and this quite dramatic population shift, with its associated realignment of electoral boundaries is likely to heavily favour the Republican Party.

Is it a gerrymander? Yes it is but it is one which for years has favoured the Democrats so it is only fair that they should reap the harvest of their own political folly.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good News

Private insurers are to be invited to compete with ACC for workplace accident cover.

Watch for the howls of anguish from the socialists.

Helen Clark closed out private insurers as soon as she gained power in 1999. Some say this was an ideological decision but wiser analysts know the decision was political. Ideology requires principles and if there's one New Zealanders have learned from Wikileaks, it is that Helen Clark has no principles apart from 'whatever it takes to gain and hold power.

ACC was brought back into the gummint fold for one purpose. To provide a sink hole in which to park beneficiaries so that she could tell the people what a fine job she was doing reducing the number of people on benefits.

Adolf sincerely hopes Nick Smith and Co set the deal up properly so that ACC can not be hijacked by Labour for a second time.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Spot The Irony?

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is alleged to be proposing to shift the controversial New York mega mosque to an alternate site.

But buried in the account is this little gem:-

The 87-year-old king is currently in town after recuperating from back surgery he had at New York-Presbyterian hospital on Dec. 3.

Those damned Presbyterians just pop up everywhere. Wouldn't you wonder why Allah (LMHRIH)* could not provide a decent Muslim hospital?

*Long May He Rot In Hell

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Someone Please Call The Herald

The Auckland Tabloid has taken to publishing anti-National Party propaganda derived from the ever unreliable Horizon Poll which is taken from a bank of online individuals rather than random samples of voters by phone. Today's shock horror headline was all about the voters turning against National. (I see that piece has been taken down from the Herald website since TVNZ published its poll tonight. Now I see that's because it actually was and is on the SST website. Thanks B Hudson.)

From memory it had National down substantially with Labour up and 40% of National voters unhappy with John Key's handling of the Panzy Wong business.

Funny that.

Nobody seems to have told the people who were polled at the same time by Colmar Brunton.

Watch The Herald's circulation take another dive over coming months as it follows assiduously the tried and true strategies of the egregiously partisan New York Times.

As an aside, from this poll it looks as though voters have made up their minds who killed the twenty nine miners. The Greens have shed more than a third of their vote and are out on their shabby arses.

Tell Them What They Want To Hear

Thanks to Wikileaks, people overseas are only just waking up to what an appalling regime it was under which we suffered for nine long years.

NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark told Australia's ABC radio July 8 "I must say that I personally have met George Bush a number of times and consider the personal relationship between us to be very good." Making a direct link between those meetings and NZ's anti-nuclear stance, PM Clark added that she was "optimistic that over time what happened over 20 years ago will be of less and less relevance to these relationships."

Snuggle snuggle, cuddle cuddle
And here is bandy legged Kindalooza meeting svelte Condoleezza

Yet all the while, The Bilious Bitch was sucking up to the US and Australia she and her mates were telling NZ's voters what a pack of pricks they were. Clark Goff and Mallard were all complicit - dirty little dealers in double talk.

The Charge told Goff that the Embassy would have appreciated a head’s up that Mallard would be making these remarks. Goff said that as was well known, Goff has very favorable feelings towards the United States…But, he went on, the Government believes that these issues do resonate with the New Zealand public and it would therefore be foolish not to pursue them.

There will be more campaigning on issues related to U.S. policy in the weeks ahead, he cautioned. The Charge said…if further false claims were made the Embassy would respond. Goff…endorsed the idea of our making a press statement refuting Mallard’s claims.........

..........In addition, we understand that our MFAT contacts have been counseling the
Government that there will be long-term impact on our bilateral relations if Labour continues its baseless diatribes and hints that a close relationship with the United States is in general not in New Zealand's interests.

So there you have it. Improved relations with the US were deliberately sacrificed for the sake of the few votes they needed to just scrape over the line in 2005.

But where was Goff? Oh, he was off developing bilateral relationships with REALLY important people.

Grandmother for sale

A quick perusal through the Wikileaks in the Herald today only confirms one thing.

Labour would sell their Grandmother if they thought it could buy them a vote.

Apart from telling us what we already know, Wikileaks is just another nail in the coffin of Western civilisation. The rest of the world won't be releasing their secrets so flippantly.

And we all thought the world was round

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Understatement of the Year

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. said Friday that Republicans outmaneuvered Obama by getting the estate-tax provisions and an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Republicans turned out to be "better poker players" than the president," Weiner told CBS' Early Show. He said that when the latest agreement expires in 2012, Obama and lawmakers will face enormous election-year pressure to extend the tax cuts again or make them permanent.

Weiner said that Obama's future negotiations with Republicans should be more cautious.

"Bipartisanship has to be a means, not an end," he said. "I'm not sure the president gets that yet, but I am going to work hard to make him a success."

This, from a senior Democratic Party operative lamenting The Messiah's abject defeat at the hands of republican majority leader John Boehner. And even Hollywood is turning its back on the erstwhile genius.

Maybe, they and their mates in the media shoulda woke up about half way through 2008 to the fact their guy had no experience, no ability, no political nous and no common sense. Goddammit, he cain't even play poker to save hisself.

It's aaaaaall too late folks.

Roll on 2012. Meantime stock up on cigars, beer and popcorn. The entertainment will be non stop as Obama goes on to out perform Jimmy Carter.

Why, I'll betcher Dubbya could whip the BA off the JA in eighteen holes of match play, even.

Rudman's On To It

Loyal readers will remember a spate of posts about the transition of blood testing services in the Auckland region from DML to Labtests, with TV3 leading the charge against Labtests..

At the time, Adolf and Whaleoil were almost lone voices raised in protest at the appalling behaviour of an incompetent and complacent losing tenderer; it's greedy venal GP cohorts; and the blitheringly naive and inadequate oversight of the project by Auckland's DHBs.

Brian Rudman, in today's Herald, provides confirmation of our accusations. We were right. Here are some choice excerpts from the ministerial report into the hand over.

"The assumption by the DHBs that there would be co-operation from the outgoing provider DML was not well founded," says the review team of Waikato University management associate professor Jens Mueller and Waikato District Health board chairman Graeme Milne.

"The good-faith provisions in the old contract requiring co-operation with the [three Auckland] DHBs were simply ignored by DML."


The report criticises the boards for "a fundamental lack of understanding of the strong clinician backing of the outgoing provider ... [which] contributed significantly to the ability of DML to wage an unprecedented interference campaign, which drained DHB resources during the transition and caused confusion among patients and clinicians".

Yes, my own doctor's practice was in it up to its eyeballs.


The report refers to the "full-fledged media circus ... fuelled in part by DML operating its own video 'reporting' of patient dissatisfaction".

This is a reference to the losing tenderer hiring fake journalists to doorstep patients leaving the new testing centres, then rushing any negative comments off to the media - shamefully, state TV ran them.


The authors paint this white-anting as normal business practice. They were taken aback that most of the 80 people they interviewed were surprised "by the unexpected activity of DML".

They say "it could hardly have come as a complete surprise to the DHBs that the incumbent would not only have no desire to aid an orderly transition of providers but would vent its frustrations through a deliberate campaign to destabilise the transition process".

Well Adolf has news for these naive authors. Such behaviour is NOT part of normal business practice in my experience. It is the sort of behaviour which identifies it's perpetrator as an organisation unsuitable ever again to be offered the chance to provide service in New Zealand.

The last word goes to Mr Rudman:-

On losing the tender process its first move was a scaremongering "important notice to patients" threatening "you may not receive the same level of service" and even, "your samples may be sent ... out of New Zealand for processing".

It tried every tactic possible to sabotage the handover to the successful tenderer, Labtests (LTA).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goff's Grubby Little Rort

My God, somebody had better tell Trevor Mallard about this.

Just when you think Labour has excelled itself in stupidity and incompetence, along comes Phil Goff with a double dip. Not just a double dip, but one he promised to fix long ago.

Pay the money back, Filk. Pay the bloody money back.

Oh how I wish this had come out for all to see two days ago so that Bill English could have given a slightly more spicy answer to Trevor Mallard's question about housing allowances.

Adolf is wondering whether Cunliffe has quietly helped this one along.


Goff loses glasses, mistakes Cunliffe for Key


It took Socialist Mayor Len Brown and his bunch of fellow travellers less than 50 days to renege on their 'hand on hearts - carved in stone' election promise to hold Auckland City rates to the cost of inflation or below.

And as part of their 'austerity' programme we see that Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse has been awarded a 50% salary increase from $80k to $120k per annum. And this for attending all the functions that Len Brown wouldn't be seen dead at.

Penny Hulse just wouldn't happen to be a fellow left winger ... would she?

Why is it that socialists and troughers are inexorably intertwined?

Made For Each Other?

Apparently some broad called Liz Hurley is getting a quickie divorce in order to marry Warnie!

This sounds like a union of one ball breaker with another.

No wonder Warnie is not match fit. Mind you, it would be huge contribution to the sport of cricket should some other activity prevent him from commentating important fixtures.

Et tu Julia?

Wikileaks is a continuing source of amusement to conservatives and an acute embarrassment to the Ammerikaanner hating leftists.

Hot on the heals of revelations that Helen Clark aided and abetted Ammerikaaner electronic spying comes the news that Uber commo Australian PM Julia Gillard's speechwriter is a secret agent for the CIA, or something. Her bloody speech writer, no less. The bloke who puts the words up on her teleprompter.

Then of course there is ALP power broker Mark Arbib who also looked upon with great favour by the Yanks.

Good God, before we know it we'll find that secretly Keith Locke has been passing DNA samples of all his peacenik mates to the CIA.

Let's have more leaks, I say. More wonderful leaks please.

I Should Bloody Well Hope So

John Minto, aka Michael Field, today provides the Dom Post with its dose of banal and thinly disguised anti American trivia dressed up as a local version of Wikileaks revelations. No wonder the Commodore threw the oleaginous prick out.

In fact, it is a non story, interspersed with the opinions of the writer when no actual hard facts are available.
The base was used in the 2006 coup and probably the 2000 coup, although New Zealand officials have always denied that they were spying.
The revelation is likely to anger Fiji prime minister Voreqe Bainimarama, who seized power in a December 2006 coup.

We are meant to be surprised, shocked and horrified that NZ used the Waihopi base to listen in on the cell phone conversations of participants in a military coup in Fiji. New Zealanders would be shocked, horrified and greatly surprised if we learned that any government had failed in its duty to listen in to such conversations involving parties to such events on our very door step.

Adolf must concede that in this instance the Bilious Bitch acted impeccably.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That Didn't Take Long

Lyen Brown has been Auckland's new Mayor for less than five minutes and the Auditor General is all over him. Well done, Jamie-Lee Ross.

Whaleoil has the story from the print version of the Dom Post. Of course the greasy Herald has not a mention of it, preferring a steady diet of anti National Party smut for it's diminishing gang of loyal readers.

I sincerely hope the AG's investigation leads her to ask for broader inquiries into other aspects of this slippery fellows activities.

And you thought Hubbard was bad.

God help Auckland

Words we should never hear

The world would be a much saner place if we never again heard these words uttered from a politician's mouth..

"....and so, in response, we will be introducing a stimulus package"

After decades of paper-macheing bureaucracy over every possible legal business that people are smart enough to dream up and invest their capital in, politicians somehow think that when things inevitably turn to custard, throwing in wadfulls of taxpayers money is some sort of viable solution.

The only true stimulus is to strip away the size of government. Allow people to compete unencumbered.

This will take a lot of people out of their comfort zone in the short term. Because governments are very good at protecting "short term"- it's what gets them through the next election.

But if we do not start thinking long term, then we are doomed to stagger from one stimulus to the next.

All that achieves is to make life and business a perverse state sponsored lottery- like Lotto on steroids.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can't Take A Trick

Poor old Filk Off.

Even with The Herald doing his dirty work for him, he just can't seem to get ANYTHING right.

He's spent the last week trotting around after his octogenarian veterinarian, digging for dirt on Pansy Wong. 'It's a whitewash!' he screamed to anyone who would listen. The Herald listened and ran the story for all it was worth which turned out to be fuck all more than six pence.

Today the Auditor General called an end to his game. Clean bowled him with a swinging yorker to the middle stump.

The Auditor-General has ruled out an inquiry into National MP Pansy Wong's spending just hours after her resignation this morning.

Of course you could not read this last bit in the Herald. It came from Stuff

Meanwhile Filk and his cadaverous mate continue to bat from the dressing room.

But Goff said Labour MP Pete Hodgson had evidence of other interests that would raise fresh questions about the Wongs' use of the subsidy.

"We'll see the first installment of that in Parliament this afternoon. The Wongs never came clean in the McPhail investigation. They never exposed the full extent of their business dealings in China."

It seems the Auditor General didn't think much of his evidence.

It's What You Spend That Sends You Broke

Today's economic figures released by Blenglish will at last bring home to New Zealanders the raw truth that they can't keep on spending that which they don't have.

While the idiots at The Standard bleat on about tax cuts for the rich being the cause of it all (presumably because they think you can raise an extra billion or three by taxing out of existance the top five percent of the country's earners) the truth is New Zealanders are being carefully conditioned to accept the politically charged inevitable. The rolling back of Helen Clark's outrageously irresponsible election bribes of 2005 and 2008.

Adolf looks forward to the day when;
  • no longer will a family with a household salary income of $35,000 be able to draw down $911 per week in welfare disguised as 'tax credits.'
  • no longer will the children of well off New Zealanders be able to borrow money and pay no interest.
  • no longer will New Zealanders pay for myriads of government 'commissions' which write meaningless reports for other meaningless people to read.
  • no longer will New Zealanders pay life time loafers to sit on their fat, mainly black arses, breeding generations of kids whose one aim in life is to sit on their own fat arses while someone else feeds them.
Have a look at the fate of New Zealand's rich listers of just ten years ago. Most of them were property developers or finance company directors. Most of them are bankrupt or about to be bankrupt.

Why, because they were addicted to spending.

It is time for John Key and Blenglish to blow the whistle on government spending. Preparations have been underway for some time. The report of the working group on welfare should be accelerated and a list of SOEs to be made the subject of a partial minority float should be put out for public discussion.

Let's face it, even Hillary Calvert's ping pong ball receptacle came out the other day in support of partial floats for SOEs.

Edge of the debt galaxy

Economic data to be released tomorrow will show the Government's fiscal position is finally on the outer limit of what it regards as acceptable, Captain John Key says.

At around 15 billion lightyeardollars I would guess that we are now at the edge of the debt galaxy- the Milked Way .

Captain Key said it was difficult to say whether the rebalanced of the economy through people saving more and spending less would continue, or for how long.

"How quickly we revert to type I don't really know...we spent quite a lot of time getting here," he said.

is a flash word for reality check. People are unlikely to revert to type any time soon. Those heady days of lightspeed consumerism are gone.

But I suspect that it will be a long time before Starship Statespending returns to Earth. While they chew through half our GDP we are a long way from home.

I look forward to First Mate Bill's report on what lies beyond the galaxy today.

We are doomed.

Even my fleeting grasp on mathematics tells me that we are doomed as a country when scum like Donovan James Matenga Tuirirangi continue to have more children than usefull productive contributing members of society.

This story about these animals barking like dogs just reinforces my pessimism.

Government considers call to arm teens.

Following the conviction yesterday of 38 year old cop Gareth John Needham and 32 year old cop Alan Michael Douglas on charges of assaulting an 18 year old youth John key is today consulting with his spin weasels on calls from the public to arm teenagers.
John Key said " It is certainly a worrying trend and we need to have a serious look at whether arming teems is the best way to combat this issue".
Howard Broad when asked for comment said " Gee I don't know, Greg O'Connor has not given me my usual guidance on this issue and after spending the last few years playing interference for the last Labour Government I am just looking forward to retirement".

In other shock news, the traffic cop bashed with a Machete is saying a silent prayer in thanks for the fact that he did not have a gun that the teens who bashed him from behind could have grabbed as he lay bleeding and unconscious and shot him.

Personally I blame John Banks.
Putting aside the last 40 years of social engineering that has left parents and teachers powerless to punish these little gobshites before they get into serious strife........
If Banks had not turned the Police into tax collecting uniformed jackals by merging the black and white pie eaters with the cops we would not have a situation where most of us only come into contact with them when they are pointing a radar gun past their massive stomachs.

The combination of Howard Broad being a uniformed defacto member of Clarks spin weasel department and the aggressive ticketing sweeping the country is it any wonder cops are now quivering every time they go out without a gun on their belt?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lyen Brown

So after all the bullshit of the Auckland City mayoral race, where we were promised "keeping rates down" it now appears that really just meant "down to a 4.9% increase". Three times the inflation rate and using the retailers trick of just keeping it under 5% to make it sound better.

When will it dawn on our politicians that we have had enough?

Where is the leadership and the savings? Because this looks like business as usual to me. Tax, borrow and spend.

All I see is Brown lining up his mates for cushy jobs, raising money for pet projects and trying to push the blame on past decisions - of which he was also a major player.

I will be very interested in hearing Rodney Hide's take on this. But I guess we will have to wait until after the summer holidays.


The two animals who tried to butcher Senior Constable Bruce Mellor.

You are sub human with no redeeming features whatsoever. Clearly society would be a much better place if you had been strangled at birth.

And now we, the long suffering taxpayer, are going to have to fund the cost of your incarceration for what I hope is a very long time.

But you have it in your own hands to partially redeem yourselves in my eyes at least. So how about 'topping'? I know it takes guts but it can be quick and relatively painless if you get it right. I might even shed a tear over your departure (but not many) and you will have done the right thing for the first time in your miserable lives.

Gueez Wayne ... I feel a whole lot better for getting that off my chest.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Headline of the Week, of the Year

Gutless Idiot Nails Himself

A man who arrived on the scene before the police arrived told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper that the dead man had a large wound in his abdomen.

“It looked like the man was carrying something that exploded on his stomach. He didn’t have any injuries to his face or his body and the stores nearby weren’t damaged. All the windows were whole,” the witness told DN.

It appears that much of the small blast was absorbed by an intact bag of nails found at the scene.

Why I Don't Watch TVNZ or TV3

Today Stuff reports on an idiotic incident aboard the inter island ferry.

A devout Jew was preparing himself for daily prayers, the way devout Jews do.

Some dumbarse Kiwi reported to the ship's skipper that the Jew was about to detonate a bomb.

TV3 embellished the story:-
An Israeli man was being spoken to police at Picton police station this afternoon after the incident, which was being played down by police.
TV3 earlier reported that the Kaitaki Interislander ferry's captain had been taken hostage by a man in possession of explosives and possibly a gun.

What else needs to be said?

Fuckwits making up news for fuckwits.


Yesterday The Veteran attended a special meeting of the Northland Electorate of the National Party called primarily to discuss the selection process to choose a candidate to replace the retiring John Carter. There were over 100 in attendance along with the twelve (to date) candidates who were each given the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Nominations for the seat open on 11 March and close on 1 April. On 9/10 April the Preselection Committee will determine a short list of up to five candidates to go forward to selection scheduled for Saturday 30 April at Kaikohe. It is anticipated that upwards of 250 delegates representing the 4,000 Party members in Northland will make the final selection.

The meeting also passed the following resolution which is the main point of this post. It relates to illegal land occupations. The resolution reads "Resolved that Government cease negotiations with any iwi, hapu or whanau in respect of their Treaty claim(s) if that iwi, hapu or whanau, either overtly or covertly, encourages and/or endorses the illegal occupation of privately owned land in support of real or imagined grievances".

We would expect that Government takes note of this resolution and acts accordingly. It disregards this resolution at its electoral peril.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Clarkulonimbus blows through

Firstly an apology to my co-authors and readers of this fine blog for my lack of contribution over the past few months. Since closing down my importing and retail business, I am now enjoying not having to face the shit fight that is Christmas trading for the first time in 20 years.

Instead I am now battling shit – literally- by milking cows. I have been a dairy farmer since July, which has been a huge learning curve and a lot of fun. Simply put, a heck of a lot of grass goes in one end, a surprising amount of shit comes out the other and hopefully some milk arrives from parts between.

Actually a huge effort goes into producing milk solids and my belt has certainly gone in a couple of notches. The daily routine of milking, cleaning, feeding and calf rearing is relentless plus the added work in between of upgrading the water and effluent systems, making silage, drilling summer crops and maize planting. All under the umbrella of a looming drought. We have actually been pretty lucky and got in over 100ha of excellent silage which will hopefully serve the cows well over summer.

When I was a retailer I was a miserable bastard who hoped for rain in the weekends. Now I’m not so fussy and any day will do.

So I watch the clouds. Sometimes from the sea, sometimes from the land. I call them Clarkulonimbus.They roll in on the wind, butt laden, promising to deliver rain you can trust, rain that cares, sustainable rain, clean technology rain, green rain, hopeful rain, rain you can believe in, rain that just can. But even before you can wipe the dust off your gumboots, they've g'offed (like moved on but faster). If you are lucky you get blessed with a few spits. Then they're off to dump on some other more "deserving" part of the world.

Some things never change.

Update On cue Ele at Homepaddock has found a real word to hopefully describe my new state

Friday, December 10, 2010

Why NZ is ****ed

Go and have a look at Lindsay Mitchell's blog.

She has set out for all to see, the stark reality of life on the DPB.

Sure beats the hell out of working for a living!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Sigh of Relief.....

..... is heaved by the dairy industry as the slippery crook who fronted a bid for Crafar's farms and a chunk of dairy processing capacity is today declared bankrupt.

If ever there was a strategic asset, it is the dairy industry and no matter what, no Chinese rat fuckers should ever be allowed within a hundred miles of it.

Not ever, no matter what.

So, what else is fucking new?

Seems like just about the same story in the news every year (hell, more frequently even):

A 65-country study, comparing 475,000 15-year-olds on reading, mathematical and scientific literacy, places New Zealand fifth, fifth and 10th.

But the study, the third in an OECD triennial programme, also shows New Zealand has one of the widest gaps between the top and bottom 5 per cent of pupils – with Maori and Pasifika pupils languishing near the bottom.

Well, duh. Any measure of NZ educational achievement has its overall score lowered by Polynesians. And the education professionals' response:

"The majority of our young people are really well-served by the system ... but we have these groups of kids and the pattern's remained the same since 2000, that we are not doing well for."

Wrong. All of our kids are extremely well served by the system. It's doing a good job for all of them. There isn't some evil voodoo that makes our system an excellent one for every kid on the planet except the ones from Polynesian cultures. Don't look at the system, look at the fucking culture.

I know sod-all about Pasifika cultures, but the Maori one values words only as oratory and genealogy. For anything beyond that, actions speak louder than words (which is not a value judgement - people for whom actions speak louder than words are in a lot of cases way more useful to have around than people like me). However, it does mean Polynesians are going to be pretty well represented in the sports and arts (music, dance, acting etc) but not well represented among the intelligentsia. If people really want to change that, they're going to have to change the culture. Expecting the education system to do something about it is pointless.


I have always subscribed to the 80/20 rule in politics. Your Party is never going to get it 100% right and you need to accept there will be decisions made or not made that you disagree with. As long as they get it about 80% right then I am comfortable with that.

And so it is that I disagree strongly with the decision of my Party (supported by Labour) not to move on raising the qualifying age for NZ Superannuation to age 67 as recommended by the Retirement Commissioner. Her suggestion that it be implemented over 12 years starting in 2020 in two monthly tranches each year seems eminently sensible.

The 2020 start point is generous in its lead time, allowing those effected the opportunity to plan ahead. The phase in is more user friendly than the formula used last time when the qualifying age was raised from 60 to 65.

Yes, such a move could give Winston First a boost and might see him him over the 5%. That is an issue but I for one would be prepared to take the short term risk for the long term gain.

And yes, I am well aware of the Maori and Pacific Island mortality statistics. Pakeha too die before age 65. Every Vietnam veteran is well aware of that. That's life (or death).

New Zealand Superannuation at age 65 is an unnecessary luxury the country can't afford.

When Black Should Be White

Readers will know Adolf is a devotee of the early morning walk - now out to eight kilometres and followed by two minutes hard rowing. The walk itself takes 84 minutes for 8,040 metres. This is most pleasant exercise because there are no steep gradients, just sufficient slope here and there to increase the work load as speed is maintained.

The current season started on October 13th at four kilometres and there have been five 'days off' since then. So far six kilos of adipose tissue have been shed and all medical markers are heading in a healthy south easterly direction.

But now to the headline.

I get going just before sunrise, any time between 0515 and 0545 when street lights are still on and there is a quiet twilight with sometimes wonderful sunrises. Tui and doves are starting their early morning chortling and gurgling.

In these dubious visual conditions it seems common sense to wear a white shirt so as to be readily visible when crossing the road or walking on the bitumen to avoid adverse foothpasths - usually cross sloping and hell on ankles and calves. It is amazing to note the following:-

  • The number of walkers and joggers dressed in BLACK from head to toe, some occupying the road way on the left hand side instead of the safer right hand side.
  • The number of dark coloured cars driving with no lights on. The drivers of these cars too usually are dark coloured- coconuts, pakis, cane cutters but few Maoris. The Bros are still asleep at that time of day.
  • The absence of cyclists on the magnificent and expensive new cycleway on East Coast Rd. They are all still using the road and hoping to get killed.
Makes you wonder why councils do these things, eh? Where are all the people who lobbied for the cycleway?

Driving their bloody cars, of course.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Time To Shoot The Umpires

This is the first time I've seen umpires call off a test match because they thought it might rain.

Poms are not happy and rightfully so. They could have bowled one or two more overs before the rain came.

What a bunch of girls.

As a matter of interest, I reckon I saw Australia lose the ashes about an hour ago when Ponting and Watson were sent packing in quick succession.

Clean technologies

So Goff reckons we need a 'real vision" as a country.
This is good.
His only apparent problem to this is that there is 'no money to back it up"

Why he thinks that a government throwing even more money at a problem is a solution to anything is beyond me.

Get the government out of the way and let the real visions of of the people flourish, without being sucked dry by out of control state taxing, borrowing and spending.

Maybe a "clean technology" would be one that sucked the fat out of his aspirations.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is there any need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River tragedy?..

I personally believe there most certainly is, but the quote below from one of the left's sages has made me realise that there are some in this country who have already had access to all the facts, who have heard all the evidence from all the partys involved, who must have snuck into the mine and examined its contents, and who have then analysed everything and come up with the end result:

"That’s not ironic – that was most definitely purposeful so that companies can cut costs even more and, yes, the deaths at Pike River are most definitely the result of inadequate procedures used in the mine for which the company is responsible."
There you have it folks, courtesy of Draco T Bastard.

Now while there is a strong possibility that Mr. Bastard's statement could be nothing more than the petulant mewling of a precocious twelve year old with an over developed sense of so called social justice, the left blogs are spinning towards culpability resting with Pike River management. Ceck'em out for yourselves if you have the stomach for it.
Another example of this are the posts on KB from Mao's man in NZ, one Zhumao. This guy must also be party to Mr. Bastard' findings as he has no problems pointing the bone of responsibility at Peter Whittal the CEO:

"Whittall is a consumate actor ala ‘I’m gonna get my boys out of that mine’ , in Hollywoodspeak. He is the villain of the piece, and should tender his resignation soon. "


"Superintendent Knowles yes. Whitall absolutely fucking now. Whittall should most likely be awarded a set of prison overalls."

Tried and sentenced. Just like that. Remembering, of course that the Chicoms were never big on people being innocent until proven guilty.

Anyone else think that Justice Panckhurst and co surely have New Zealands most difficult job on their hands?


Looking into my political crystal ball for 2011 and the following picture emerges ......

National will win the election with an increased number of seats sufficient to govern in its own right but will decide against going alone. There will be some surprises in the National Party List. John Key will assume the mantle of 'King Dick Seddon'. National will win BECAUSE of him.

Labour will loose seats and Phil Goff will do a Helen Clark on election night and step down.

The Greens will gain seats at the expense of Labour.

All bets are off in Epsom. The continuing feud in ACT between their Pragmatist Wing (Hide) and their Ideologue Wing (Douglas) coupled with increasing attacks on National will turn off many voters. National may decide they are not worth the effort and go all out for Epsom. Redbaiter will continue to drive people away from voting ACT in droves.

Ohariru voters will continue to demonstrate they have no political sense while the electorate remains bereft of a decent men's hairdresser.

The Maori Party may well pick up an additional seat but if they are offered and accept a role within government John Harawira will quit and sit as an Independent.

Winston First will get 4.9998% of the Party Vote thereby proving to his supporters that the 'great conspiracy' does exist directed by the Jews or Chinese or .... (you insert).

In the referendum the electorate will demonstrate its lack of political maturity and vote to retain MMP.

Richie McCaw will get a Knighthood.

You heard it first.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I suspect that many of you, like I, took time out this afternoon to watch the Remembrance Service courtesy of TV1.

I thought it was done with dignity and style. A uniquely 'Kiwi' occasion. While I am not overly religious I thought having the Rev Tim Mora as the 'MC' was an inspired choice. He captured the mood of the occasion.

And it was the West Coast at its best. New Zealand but different and all the better for that.

Today we remember the 29; we especially remember the families. But the Coasters are one big family and our thoughts are with each and every one of them.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Crook is a Crook is a Crook

A thief is a thief whether he is an illiterate twenty-five year old pretentious blogger or a smash and grab merchant after an ATM machine.

Whaleoil is tackling one of the former who appears to think 'duplicity' is a mutually uplifting emotion enjoyed by men and women immediately after copulation.

If, like David Farrar and Cactus Kate, you have received correspondence from Rich or Mitch or Frank or Henry or Buggerlugs, promising 50% of advertising revenue generated by your copy then you'd better get in touch with Whaleoil, pronto.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Media Wrong Again

Who would have thought the Wikileaks document dump would reveal that (a) China is about to dump North Korea

• South Korea’s vice-foreign minister said he was told by two named senior Chinese officials that they believed Korea should be reunified under Seoul’s control, and that this view was gaining ground with the leadership in Beijing…

In highly sensitive discussions in February this year, the-then South Korean vice-foreign minister, Chun Yung-woo, told a US ambassador, Kathleen Stephens, that younger generation Chinese Communist party leaders no longer regarded North Korea as a useful or reliable ally and would not risk renewed armed conflict on the peninsula, according to a secret cable to Washington…

and (b) the Ayrab world is desperate for the US to invade Iran

According to the documents, Saudi King Abdullah frequently urged the United States to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, to "cut off the head of the snake." According to the Guardian, he warned that Iran's program could trigger a nuclear arms race in the region.

and (c) North Korea has just sold Iran 19 ICBMs capable of hitting Moscow and a hell of a lot of other places a lot further away than Tel Aviv

Iran obtained 19 of the missiles from North Korea, according to a cable dated Feb. 24 of this year. The cable is a detailed, highly classified account of a meeting between top Russian officials and an American delegation led by Vann H. Van Diepen, an official with the State Department’s nonproliferation division who, as a national intelligence officer several years ago, played a crucial role in the 2007 assessment of Iran’s nuclear capacity.

The missiles could for the first time give Iran the capacity to strike at capitals in Western Europe or easily reach Moscow, and American officials warned that their advanced propulsion could speed Iran’s development of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

and (c) Israel is urging caution and advising against military action against Iran.

Summary: Israel urges international pressure on Tehran but worries US may move towards a less tough EU position. Israel is aware that it will be harder to destroy Iranian nuclear sites than it was Iraq’s reactor in 1981. Expects Iran to hit back at coalition forces in Iraq and the Gulf and launch terrorist attacks

Makes you wonder just who the hell all these unnamed 'senior sources' are who provide the media with the bullshit that passes for news and informed commentary.

Sounds to me like the New York Times rings up the Guardian who just phoned the BBC who just heard from the tea lady at the London School of Economics who overheard someone talking about their latest Middle East computer models.

Koff Koff Splutter Gurgle

The ACT party at last has despatched its toxic termite Peter Tashkoff to Tashkent which, for ACT, is close enough to Siberia to be comfortable.

He has been expelled from the party. The only thing which surprises Adolf is that it took so long. Can anyone imagine National or Labour stuffing around for so long with an idiot who has publicly machinated to bring down the leader? Yes, the same leader who is the only reason the party has any presence in Parliament?

The fool even blathered about forming a new party of the right.

"The name being bandied around is the Reform Party ... There are people frantic to start a new party today."

But he did not think it was the right time and he would revisit the issue in the new year.

Funny how right now is never the right time.

Adolf has a better name for his new party. The HWL Party

The Hasbeens, Wannabes and Losers Party. No money, no members and no brains.

CVs have been received from Roger Douglas and Heather Roy.

On his way to political exile, Mr Tashkoff might reflect on the real meaning of the word 'loyalty' and he might also get a hair cut.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Go The Libs

Update: Brumby concedes defeat.

Its election night in Victoria and the latest polls indicate the Coalition might win. Most commentators predict a hung parliament.

Update: 2012hrs: ABC Australia predicting Coalition win with possibly 47 seats out of 90.

2053: So far with just under one percent counted the Coalition is a country mile ahead with National streets ahead of anyone else. Well, obviously that's because it's mostly rural booths counted thus far.

2100: 2.5% counted and Coalition 57%, Labor 26%. Don't get too excited, this is an FFP election so what matters is who wins how many seats. Won't know much for another hour.

2103: 3.5% counted Coalition 52%, Labor 29%, Greens 10%. A whopping 4.3% of the votes are informal. Dumbarse Ockers! In case you didn't know, voting is compulsory.

2110: 5.6% counted. No change. These are first preference votes. So, where no candidate makes 50% or better in a seat, the one with the least votes is eliminated and that candidates second preferences are distributed to the remaining candidate. It might be a long night.

2113: 8.0% counted. Coalition 51%, Labour 30%, Greens 10%. These are the Greens who killed 140 or so people in bush fires last year.

2121: 10% counted. Coalition 51%, Labor 31%, Greens 10%. Hell, I might need to open another bottle of shiraz.

2130: 15.8% counted. Coalition 49%, Labor 33%, Greens 10%. Now it starts to get interesting. I'll have to start watching for confirmed results in in individual electorates.

2136: 20% counted. Coalition 48%, Labor 34%, Greens 10%. According to the ABC the Coalition has won 36 seats and Labor 18. Victory goes to whoever wins 45 seats.

2143: 24% counted. Coalition 47$, Labor 24%, Greens 10%.

2147: 29% counted. Coalition 38%, Labor 25%, Greens 10%. Looks like a toss up between sanity and government by the Greens.

2145: 33.3% counted. Coalition 47%, Labor 35%, Greens 11%. How can a whole 11% of the population be stupid enough to vote for these killers? 140 fire victims and now 29 West Coast miners.

2205: ABC has it 43 seats for the Coalition and 33 seats for Labor. Looking pretty good for the Good Guys. Only two to go.

2008: 41% counted. Coalition 46%, Labor 36%, Greens 11%. Victorians can thank their lucky stars they don't have MMP.

2022: ABC predicting 46 seats for the Coalition and 35 for Labor.


Why should we worry about a few diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks?

Labour was there way before Wikileaks.

Does anyone remember 'Gone By Lunchtime'?

The Herald's editorialist had it just right when he described this despicable action on the part of Goff and Clark as a 'breach of trust.

Good For The Goose?

Here's what the BAJA has to say about the latest hacking of confidential government cables and e-mails:-

"President Obama supports responsible, accountable, and open government at home and around the world, but this reckless and dangerous action runs counter to that goal," he continued. "By releasing stolen and classified documents, WikiLeaks has put at risk not only the cause of human rights but also the lives and work of these individuals. We condemn in the strongest terms the unauthorized disclosure of classified documents and sensitive national security information."

Funny that.

Adolf struggles to recall any such pious outrage just a few short years ago when the New York Times was doing exactly the same thing, only ten times worse, disclosing classified electronic intelligence information and thereby (a) compromising the ability of the US and its allies to get the jump on Al Qaeda and (b) arguably directly contributing to the death and maiming of countless allied troops in Iraq.

It seems what was good for the gander is not good enough for this goose.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Was He There?

It seems some Labor Party people have no idea of civilized behavior.

Why on earth was the State treasurer in a bar at that unseemly hour?

Can you just begin to imagine the field day our piss poor NZ media would have if Bill English was even seen in a bar at 0430 hrs?

Served the silly bugger right. The dosy bastard should have been at home with his family instead of leering up large and getting his lights punched out.

Roll on the next state election when the Liberal Party can finish off the job half done by a few gentle unionists.