Tuesday, December 1, 2009

That's How It's Done

The first political reverberations of Climategate have happened in Australia.

The revelations in the leaked CRU e-mails gave the Liberal Party of Australia the courage to boot out it's Global Warming Alarmist leader Turnbull and replace him with Tony Abbott who is a climate change realist.


While all the commies in the Media were congratulating themselves on the "mess' within the Liberal Party, the Libs just got down to work. The result?

Within seconds of assuming the party leadership Abbott shrewdly took a caucus secret ballot on whether to support Rudd's ETS tax bill. He gained a convincing mandate of 55 to 29 and within an hour of that event, Rudd announced the ETS bill has been deferred.

Yes folks, I buggers that bit up

"And against everything that so many in the press gallery insisted - here is the Liberal verdict in a secret ballot on whether to back or defer Rudd’s great green tax. Defer 55, back 29. The fightback has at last begun. "

That's decisive leadership. That's a hugely successful surprise attack on a grinning and complacent Prime Mininster who has been made to look like a fool.

Hell, that's only the first hour.


erikter said...

"That's decisive leadership."

What a stark contrast with the weak leadership exercised by Key on the ETS, when he left Smith to run amok and ram legislation.

"That's a hugely successful surprise attack on a grinning and complacent Prime Minister who has been made to look like a fool."

Exactly like your beloved Key is going to look like after the Copenhagen fiasco.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh I don't think so, erikter.

Calm down, dear boy.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Australia for generations to come.

Amused that farrar still refuses to mention climategate except for one small post after throwing a tante at me for mentioning it. The single biggest political event since the fall of the wall.

It will be the one thing that stops economic enslavement for generations.

Angus said...

It looks like Krudd is gonna have a good excuse to abuse some more flight attendants on the way to Copenhagen

MrTips said...

Do you have a link for Abbott's ETS vote and Rudd's reaction to it?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mr Tips, links now included.

KG said...

What the hell is it with Farrar, Bok? Is he a cheerleader for whatever gang happens to be in power?

Madeleine said...

I live in the wrong country.

Lucia Maria said...

Does anyone know when John Key is coming back to NZ?

peteremcc said...

The link to the delay is from MAY!

KG said...