Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A status quo leader

I'm a slow learner, so its taken me a while to work out that John Key's only goal was to become Prime Minister.
Now that he has achieved that goal, will some one please tell him that becoming Prime Minister is just the start, not the end of the story. There's a bit more to it than jaunting around the world being everyone's friend.

We gave him a big mandate to LEAD this country and attempt to fix the damage inflicted by Labour.

Now his lackey is telling us that catching up with Australia is just "aspirational"
We have to settle for being one step up from a banana republic.

Your total lack of vision Key is the greatest disappointment to me.
You are a status quo leader.


erikter said...

The Nats should grow some balls and roll both, Key and English. They must be replaced with people with vision.

Lucy said...

Yep. Totally useless.

David Baigent said...

erikter, when you say something like that, I known that they are safe.

Redbaiter said...

"Your total lack of vision Key is the greatest disappointment to me."

Key is supported by all National politicians. Its not just down to him.

Sure, Key is a gutless and slimy turncoat, but the National Party as a whole is the real problem.

English, Nick Smith et al, they're all useless left wingers posing as right wingers while they do the socialist's work for them.

This problem begins at the grass roots level in the National Party.

ZenTiger said...

A pity the status quo is burning 250 million a week.

erikter said...

By the way, where is Adolf, the National Party stalwart? Is he keeping a low profile under instruction from his brave masters?

Anonymous said...

Yep I never thought I would say this, but with Helen at least I knew she was crooked and nasty, Key, Smith and English mmmm. Just plain underhand? lets apply the same tools to them that we did to Helen. remember the lists? So here goes:

1) Anti smacking referendum - piss off they say, your voice does not count (oh how we blasted Helen and co for the same thing - remember?)

2) parity with Australia - Does any-one remember the campaign the Nats ran? "NZ are so far behind...etc" Now they say "well, it was only a pipe dream anyway..."

3) The ETS - need we say more? A tax that will achieve nothing other than make some people very rich. Here is a simple equation for you. In the last ten years. From 1999 at a cost of 97.1 cents per litre fuel rose to a high of $2.55 per litre in 2008. That affected the prices of everything consumers used. In other words a key cost component to everything rose by 300%. That cost was simply passed on. It did not slow the economy one little bit.

An ETS will have the same impact. It will not slow anything, save anything or control anything. That cost will simply be passed on. Manufacture will move to places like China even faster and consumers will just keep on paying.

And yet key and English are supposed to be smart people....

Time for these guys to actually step up and be honest. Along with their slavish supporters.

The verification word is tunnul and that I am afraid is the kind of vision this government has.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. Look at the whiners bitch and moan.
Yeah lets throw 1000's of public servants out of their jobs. Lets cut benefits and cause mayhem.
Lets tell the world to get fucked at Copenhagen and watch our trade disappear as our trade opponents use it to ban our goods.
That will really help us....
Stupid shortsighted people. Good thing theres fuck all of you.

Lou Taylor said...

The last annon.
Your lot spent 9 years pissing our wealth up against a tree. Key and English are just prescribing more of the same.
Even an idiot should be able to see that we are in an ever increasing spiral downwards.
You will not stop it by keeping the status quo. Last century we ran our government with 1000's less bureaucrats, so there is no reason why it should not be that way again.

Big government is our big problem.

Sinner said...

h lets throw 1000's of public servants out of their jobs. Lets cut benefits and cause mayhem.


Which part of New Zealand is a serious and sustained failure as a country don't you understand.

We can keep out heads up our arses, or we can turn around, choose productivity, terminate benefits, health, education, welfare, and get NZ working again!

Everything in the Brash report and much more besides needs to be done and can and should be done by Christmas.

baxter said...

Perhaps Brash should have been told to come up with a plan to stop the slippage against Aussie, not to close the gap. That might have been easier seeing as they now have a Socialist Government.

Anonymous said...

As I posted at Whale's place I am not convinced that Australia is the country for NZ to emulate. It is over-regulated, over-taxed and over-unionised. For NZers thinking it is a utopia, all I can advise is look further afield.

Sinner said...

This problem begins at the grass roots level in the National Party.

No RB. It comes from MMP and putting more than half of the country on the dole - i.e. paying zero income tax.

Add together all the bludgers, all the WFFers, all the codger-blugders (on super), all the teachers, all the nurses, all the other civil sercunts in NZ - and you have the majority that determines the government.

They will never vote for productivity.
They will never vote to reward the productive.

National is full of codger-bludgers, at least, and no doubt lots of WFFers as well. None of them will vote for super and benefits to be terminated, none of them will vote for a truly flat tax (or even a capped tax - say 30% on your first dollar until you've paid 20,000, then zero thereafter).

Which is why Key and English and Brash and Hide and Douglas need to move rapidly to enact reforms, ignoring the lack of "public" support by the non-productive. It worked in 1984. It worked in 1991. It can and must work now!

I think the simplest course is to announce a National Unity government, bring Caygil in to replace Goff, lock up the Greenies and any Labour and union types who whinge, and announce the next election is postponed until we reach parity.

This is what NZ did in WWI - the threat to NZ now is more serious than it was then. Postpone the election until the war is over and the country is reformed.

And when the lefties whinge, remember 1913!! Get the specials onto the lefties and shoot them down like dogs.

Anonymous said...

Let's all stop paying taxes, stop supporting the self-important and annoying Key, protest en-masse, hit the streets in ouir millopms, and put in place a truly democratic leader, who does listen. What a turncoat, alright, in his stupid Parnell palace. Revolution, anyone, or do we just grit our teeth and keep taking it and taking it? It never ends.

KG said...

Up the meds, Sinner. Perhaps one of those "bludger nurses" would be prepared to help?

KG said...

And while we're at it, why don't you tell us what YOU do for a living, asshole?