Friday, December 18, 2009

Sabateurs and Traitors

The duly elected government of the day goes along to a critical world conference with a carefully thought out strategy of being seen to participate while restraining the economic excesses of the world's extremists. All in the name of protecting the country's overseas trade interests.

The game is one of perceptions whereby our trading enemies are prevented from using the flawed hysteria of climate change as an excuse for slapping tariffs on our exports to their countries. The strategy turns out to be remarkably successful.

Not only does the government of the day achieve co-operation from a large number of significant countries for some practical long term research into improving agricultural production but it manages to have it's PM replaced in a potentially embarrassing televised debate by the desperate little blond bloke from next door. (Rudd will find this futile and inopportune appearance used against him mercilessly by the Abbott led Liberals next year.)

Then along comes NZ Labour and The Greens.

Chauvelle (who paid for this idiot to go there?) pipes up and bad mouth's NZ's ETS - a measure whose ONLY value lies in its ability to stave off our trade enemies for a couple of years before it is repealed - while the Greens complain l0udly that NZ is not serious about climate change.

What's it to be for these people?

Firing squad or piano wire and meat hooks?


Classic Put Down

Mr Key was yesterday bumped from today's BBC World news debate on climate change in favour of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The Prime Minister said he was not concerned about being dropped by the British state broadcaster. "I'll just watch Fox News for a while."


Anonymous said...

To be a traitor one needs to have an intent to be traitorous. To develop and retain an intention one needs brainpower. Chauvel and the Greens fail on the above accoount. I suggest we're all better off by simply ignoring them!


Inventory2 said...

Chauvel comes across as humourless, aloof and out-of-touch. I hope that Labour keeps him to the forefront to remind us why we voted them out last year.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said: NZ cannot afford to "tolerate" labourists, greenies, lefties, or unionists any more.

To be a traitor one needs to have an intent to be traitorous

Not true. Go and read the law. Until the lefties changed it in the 70's they could have been hanged for this.

Time for the electoral act amendments to get them out of parliament - and crimes act amendments so that reasonable suspicion of being a leftie or a greenie gives an absolute defense to their killers!

Anonymous said...

The crime of treason requires an intent! Anonymous you ought check the Crimes Act 1961. We're not dealing with parking-tickets here!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Some fool by the name of erikter doesn't seem able to read. He was banned last week for engaging in personal abuse of the blog host.

For as long as I care to do so, all comments by this troll on AF's blog will be deleted.

Lou Taylor said...

They did Key a big favour.
KRudd is going to be the one looking like a complete idiot.

alex Masterley said...


You offered some acceptable options for dealing with the traitors.

You missed one - a chipper!

Anonymous said...

the Greens support the
Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Gases

Bok said...

Look Adolf that is a very clever bit of spin. however, John Key has sold the future of NZ for popularity. At least in Australia we had Abbott throw a spanner in the works.

I think a good idea would be to see just how much money key and co is pledging to a con. The sad thing is that of all countries, NZ will be the worst hit by work going to China, and then you guys will pay them for the privilege.

David said...

alex, that is not energy efficient as for a chipper to be effective you have got to freeze them first, oterwise they smell while they stiffen up.

Anonymous said...

I bet Key is right annoyed he is missing out on yet another popularity contest. He sure has sold the future of NZ, it just seems to be about him.

Anonymous said...

ShonKey gets his news from Fox - sure would explain a lot ;)

Anonymous said...

"Sabateurs and Traitors"

Ha ha ha ha ha