Thursday, December 10, 2009

Psssst! Wanna Buy Some Cheap CO2?

Here's a foretaste of life with your ETS.

Partial translation:-

Ninety percent of the transactions thus far have been fraudulent. The Carbon Con is an even better scam than credit card fraud.


Lucy said...

The wind blows quite a bit up here so I think Ill 'harness it" put it in a jar and sell it.

I am willing to be reasonable lets say $50 per 500gm jar. Im sure that there will be many willing to by my hot/cold air 'to save the planet'

Peter said...

Carbon credits are certificates for something which doesn't exist, hence there is no difference between a fake and a real one. They are tailor-made for scammers, and this is surely not by accident.

baxter said...

Well I didn't understand a word on the link, but if the free prostitutes are anything like the blonde with the dragon tattooed on her arse then I envy the Kaumatuas.