Friday, December 11, 2009


I guess the media frenzy surrounding 'Tigers' indiscretions is to be expected but it is a sad commentary that all the joy he brings to the golfing fraternity is now being overshadowed by what is essentially a private matter between him and his family.

Not defending him and Tiger will be paying for those indiscretions in so many ways and probably forever. But I at least can draw a line between his public and private life.

History is littered with stars from every walk of life who disregarded the sage advice the Regimental Medical Officer gave to those joining 1 RNZIR in Malaya/Singapore ... if I recall correctly it went something along the lines of ...'a rampant cock has no morals'.

And I prefer to remember Don Bradman for his cricketing ability rather than his supposed predication for y**** g****.

Or JFK for having inspired his generation rather than bedding most of it.

Or Edward the Peacemaker for indulging in what in the Royal Household passes as to be expected.

Or FDR, a great US President who regularly cheated on Eleanor.




the list goes on.

But I for one will be watching Tiger's next competitive round from start to finish in the hope of seeing more of his brilliant golfing skills on show.

And bugger the chattering classes.


Ozy Mandias said...

Agree with you on this one. The thing about Tiger was that from the outside his life seemed so organised and perfect. PErhaps it is the shock value.

The next tournament will be interesting. Caddy Williams may have more problems then just the odd camera click going off in the background.

The Realist said...

I feel for Tiger. He has hordes of sexually aggressive (white!)females throwing themselves at him. He would need the strength of a bulldozer to resist