Saturday, December 12, 2009

On Decline Hiding and Homogenising

Adolf has followed with interest the unfolding schemozzle which is the emerging junk science of the Global Warmensisers at CRU, NASA and NIWA.

There has been a series of blog dissertations showing exampls in which raw climate data has been altered (homogenised) to turn a decline into an increase. (Funnily enough the two most striking examples thus far happen to be Australia and Alaska. By the time we get half way through the alphabet John Key will be able to repeal his damn fool ETS without fear.)

Adolf has a challenge for all fundamentalist warmists like this one.

Find me just ten weather stations in the world where the raw data showed a steady trend or an increase over this past twenty years and which after your beloved homogenising (altering) has turned into a decline. After all, that's your only real defense against accusations that you have cooked the books.

When you do, Adolf will present you with a bottle of his favorite Penfolds Bin 389 - worth about $45 retail.

Adolf's spies tell him the tax avoidance industry has taken interest in climategate. Apparently at least one enterprising accountant has suggested to IRD that his clients repairs and maintenance expenditure is not excessive. It's just that the capital expenditure has been homogenised.


erikter said...

Adof, if the data has been manipulated, the books cooked, by NIWA and their dishonourable scientists, why did this government pass an ETS? Why are your beloved shonKey and the nutter Smith attending Copenhagen?

Are you sitting on the fence? Have you taken a position on this issue yet?

What is it?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

erikter, please stop shouting and learn to READ. You know, that's the art of seeing words and attempting to understand them.

erikter said...

More weasel words, apt from a National Party supporter, but no answer to my question: why do we need a ETS if based on bogus data?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

erikter, you've worn out your welcome. Enjoy a holiday for a while.

BTW if you don't know the answer to your question then not only are you a shouter but you are a dumbarse as well.

Lucy said...

And yet the Herald reports that next year is going to be the hottest on record according to the scientists at Copenhagen.

Only 12 months to find out what the pathetic excuse will be when it isnt.

And still there are fools out there who believe it. However it does look like the tide is turning and now there are less of them and more of us.