Saturday, December 5, 2009

November blog stats

Comments: 862
Page loads: 50587
Unique visitors: 36062

I clean forgot to post stats from August through October, sorry. Still, the year-to-date graph below shows things have been pretty good over that period:

I had a quick squizz through referrers and exit URLs while I was getting these. We're on the free version of Statcounter so the log only goes back a couple of days, but over that period we got most of our visitors from Kiwiblog (mostly from the "must-read blogs" page - thanks DPF), NZ Conservative, Google, Big News, Investigate Magazine and Dave Gee.

Some of the Google searches are pretty funny. I particularly liked the superior intellect searching for "dumb moari."

The most popular destinations for people leaving No Minister were The Briefing Room, Kiwiblog, Homepaddock, The Dim Post, Democracy Mum, Whaleoil, The Standard, The Inquiring Mind and Silent Running.


democracymum said...

You must be very pleased with those stats.
Thanks also for the incredible amount of traffic you have been sending in my direction in what has been my first couple of weeks
as a new blog. Much appreciated!

Lou Taylor said...

Thanks Milt for your time and effort.