Monday, December 7, 2009

No Thanks

Federated Farmers appear to have taken leave of their senses.

The only logical reason for John Key and Co to be haring off to Copenhagen is to give the impression NZ is serious about its clean green image, thus warding off predatory attacks on our overseas trade in primary products.

An now some bunch of hairy arsed idiots want to keep dairy cows in cubicle for days on end in the McKenzie basin? When will they wake up to the fact that the McKenzie is not and never will be dairy country?

Why don't they spend some time and figure out how to farm rabbits?


Anonymous said...

In the changing world of climate science and ETS we'll see more of these unintended consequenses as pollutors (dairy farmers) seek to mitigate their costs by converting pasture into forestry and housing cattle to capture greenhouse gasses.

The watermelons can't have it both ways...a bit like nuclear power.

Anonymous said...

The tone of this post is to villify dairy farmers. The method of husbandry is the participants' concern and nobody else's.


Sally said...

Well said Faversham!

erikter said...

AF said: "The only logical reason for John Key and Co to be haring off to Copenhagen.."

Absurd. Your love affair with spineless Key is getting more and more bizarre by the day.

Stop cheerleading for the Prime Minister and take a critical look for a change!

Anonymous said...

Apart from the pollution side of things, this intensive dairying will only work with an increasing payout as the fixed costs are that much greater than traditional pasture dairying. As soon as commodity prices track down again these farms would turn into the next Crafar farms...mark my words.


Anonymous said...

The McKenzie requires a stalwart heart to farm anything. The bottom line is the Greens like to be able to drive through it and look at the scenery. The fact that someone else owns it, commits their all to it, is often in the red, constantly spending money to bat off interfering outsiders escapes these people.

If an enterprise can manage to look after their animals, feed and house them, enrich these glacier soils by putting the effluent back on to pasture, then good on them. I hope they make a profit, employ people and are successful.

Mind your own damn business and let others mind theirs. Save your outrage for the likes of our political hacks lining themselves up to contribute our money to the climate fraud.


Grant said...

Until Fonterra and its owners have the guts to admit that they don't want milk from New Zealand plans like this will continue. Stop paying to produce milk and start paying for the value created overseas and this plan will soon be unviable

homepaddock said...

Our argument against the food miles fallacy is that we covert grass to protein in the msot efficient way possibl e- by letting stock graze pastures.

The business case for the sort of farming proposed in the Mackenzie basin is the applicants' business, the environmental impact will be sorted out by the resource consent process.

But the marketing impacts of moving from pastoral farming to inside housing is of wider concern to all farmers.

Andrei said...

Heaven forbid that a business owner or farmer takes a risk with his own money and maybe turn an honest buck.

Lets put up as many obstacles in his way if we can to stop this.

Any idea why we have fallen so far behind Australia in GDP?

Anonymous said...

I think you will find the people involved already know how to farm rabbits as that is about all that wanders the flats at the moment
Anything will be an improvement but it needs cows to pay for it

Chris Barton said...

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Psycho Milt said...

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