Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year horrurs

I won't be celebrating Helen Clark's supposed elevation to one of the 20 greatest living New Zealanders.

To me she has always been an arrogant, conniving liar who did what ever necessary to ensure her rise to the top.

She headed a party that stole taxpayers money and passed legislation to cover their butts.
She protected the corrupt Fields to protect her interests.
She cut deals with Winston Peters that reeked.
She signed paintings as her own.......

She used us as stepping stones and left our good country a poorer place, both morally and financially.

Apart from that have a happy New Year.


pdm said...

Lou there is an excellent post by Homepaddock covers some issues you have not.

A poor decision by John Key in allowing this to go ahead.

Mort said...

more than a poor decision, why Key et al didn't prosecute over the ACC debacle when taking over the benches always smacked of one law for them and another for the rest of us. But this adds insult to injury. To actually elevate the kingpin of that horde of thieves to NZ's top echelon is reprehensible. The whole onours system is tainted. Where are the hero's like The White Mouse of the french resistance (Nancy Wake) whose sacrifices and risks saved many allied soldiers lives during WW2, or Willy Apiata for his courageous deeds? What about the philanthropists, altruists, scientists who generally go unrewarded, aren't they the very people these honours are supposed to reward?
Given the new standards, I wouldn;t be surprised to the Academic Heirachy of Auckland university honoured for (dis)service to literature.

Anonymous said...

The valiant Key strikes again awarding his master Clark. Shameful!

Lucy said...

Yep one law for them and another for the rest of us. I couldnt agree more with your comments Lou.

It is looking more and more like Key is working towards his position in the UN, or the World bank which ever undemocratic unelected entity that is going to control the $trillions (and therefore contol us) that is to be taken from us for the bullshite that is AGW

Foxen said...

Couldn't agree more. Interesting that the ONZ has become much a political Order. Check out my blog at I highlighted some points that extend from yours Lou.

KG said...

Spot on. And what Mort said too.

Anonymous said...

She worked hard though, more kudos to her.

Johnboy said...

What Mort said ditto in spades.

The whole honours system is nothing but a sad joke when pieces of shit dish out baubles to their mates.

When we start giving the highest honours to people that actually do some good in the community (like the volunteer workers and foster parents) for no financial reward then it will have some credibility.

WAKE UP said...

Lou, you are too kind. In fact, like Nixon, Clark's baleful legacy, and the damage she did to the country's moral fibre, will take years to eradicate.