Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Money Better Spent?

The world has just seen ONE BILLION DOLLARS thrown down the black hole of Nohopenhagen for no result which does any good for ordinary mankind.

Take your mind off the tragic enormity of it all for a moment if you will and reflect upon Lou's recent post where he remarked on what an extraordinary influence for good can be just a lousy one hundred bucks, put directly into the hands of the person who needs a hand.

Take your mental meanderings a step further and try to imagine what could have been done with the US$1 billion plus which was wasted in Denmark.

The result is eye wateringly staggering. You could have built houses for, fed and medicated for a year some four million, six hundred and seventy-three thousand starving homeless people in Africa, Bangladesh, Ethiopia or wherever.

Adolf's back of a cigarette packet budget (that's how it was done at Lincoln during the sixties) indicates a tonne of wheat (200 g/head/day) might cost say US$600 by the time it is bagged ($300 fob US) and delivered; US$20 will probably buy a year's medication per head at knock down ex factory prices; and US$525 would buy building materials sufficient for a rudimentary home for four people. (That's about the amount a Fijian villager spends on housing materials.)

Would somebody please check the maths? When you've done so, kindly send a note to Messrs Gore, Pachauri and Co and ask them to cough up.


pdm said...

Don't forget to send one to New Zealands own Climate Change Ambassador - what the hell do we need one of those for?

Anonymous said...

But I thought the conference was ultimately about decreasing the world's population, not saving it.


Lucy said...

On Global Warming and Computer modelling by John Droz, Jr.

"If a model has not been proven to fully reflect reality, then it has very limited use and should be treated like a horoscope"

Found this saying over at Pyjamas Media and Loved it!