Monday, December 14, 2009

Mad Mayer to Sue?

Adolf hears the Mad Mayor has threatened to sue certain radio talk back hosts if they refer to him again as the 'Mad Mayor.'

I imagine he might have a difficult job in court if the said talk back hosts simply refer to him as the Mad Mayor and leave out any reference to his city of precarious employment.

After all, who is it to say they were not referring to that madman Tim Tupped Green Sue Shadbolt or the egocentric Michael Eyeliner Laws or the Mare of Rodney or the mad rap artist Brown Len or the Crazed Chameleon from out west or , or, or anyone else for that matter?

North Shore City's great Chief Imbiber has managed to embed his nomenclature in the minds of every potential voter in the region. When he gets to court, the defense lawyer has only to put him on oath and ask him those three medical questions dreaded by all life insurance applicants:-

  1. Do you drink alcohol?
  2. How many standard drinks have you consumed during the last week?
  3. Have you ever been advised by a medical practitioner to reduce your alcohol consumption?
Adolf is willing to bet the answers would render the the applicant subject to a 'decline.'

1 comment:

pdm said...

adolf - i cannot in 22 plus years recall even a loading for alcohol consumption and i wrote cover on a few pissheads.