Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Lunatic of Lake Rd embarrasses the Shore again

The Sunday Star-Times carries the news that the Mayor of North Shore City, Andrew Williams (known as both the Clown of Campbell's Bay and the Lunatic of Lake Rd in the blogosphere), has been caught sending obnoxious and offensive text messages to the Prime Minister. Also, Williams has been outed leaving late night rambling voice messages on the celphone of former North Shore Mayor George Wood.

The Mad Mayor denies having a drinking problem in the article.

Whaleoil, long time nemesis of the Mad Mayor, has the details, and has even kindly mashed up the phone messages into a famous US political party advertisement.

Honestly, help can't come soon enough for the North Shore with a John Banks led supercity.


kehua said...

Hamish. Banks is just as big a tosser as the Cock of Campbells Bay, he just has a smarmier delivery.

Hamish Collins said...

Nonsense Kehua - Banksie is just great. I look forward to him becoming the supercity Mayor.

Gooner said...

So do I Hamish. Kehua, your analogy doesn't deserve a response.

The Veteran said...

Clearly Williams is Bank(ing) on the premise that all publicity is good publicity.

Not sure he's right. Just ask 'Tiger'.