Sunday, December 27, 2009

Loony letters

I enjoy reading the Letters to the Editor in the papers. Some are thought provoking, but most are just batshit insaneness.

Example 1

Labour stalwart, John Langdon, wrote to the Herald a week or so ago. His issue? TVNZ apparently considering reducing the programming of Coronation Street down to just one night per week.

However, it wasn't this that caught my eye, rather it was whose fault it was. Yep. John Key. You see Key is PM, and TVNZ is owned by Jonathan Coleman and Bill English, so if TVNZ cut Coro Street back it would be National's fault and, here's the main point made by Langdon, Key deserved to be booted out of office as a result.

There's nothing like Labour's prioirities to remind us why they were booted out of office last year.

Example 2

In today's HoS, a Barry Morgan of Manukau (no apparent evidence on being a Labour apparatchik) writes on taxes. He opines:
Why don't the middle and upper class people like paying taxes?...

When it comes to...(climatic adversity) they simply don't want to pay any taxes towards helping out...

Only tax increases will save our great-grandchildren. Tax increases to put us on a "war footing" against the ravages of global warming, and its consequences...

New Zealand and Australia need to at least double our armed forces and military capabilities to combat any invasion that will eventuate from the blobal warming crisis, should the current initiatives fail. It's simply that urgent.
Langdon thinks our number one priority is Coronation Street and Morgan thinks it's preventing military invasion resulting from "global warming"

Where's the invasion gonna come from? Tuvalu? Which has a population of ~12,000.00?

Now, some may think getting my jollies reading letters to the editor is a little odd, but at least I don't spend my holidays reading BSA decisions!!!.


Anonymous said...

Ding -a- ling writers to the editor amuse me too, but then I remember that they have a vote 3 yearly, whereupon I am less amused.

The Veteran said...

Well, in their defence, it is the 'silly season'.

pdm said...

Morgan would have to be Green - surely.

John said...

I find it hilarious that you base your assertion of Langdon as a "Labour Stalwart" on the fact he has a social media page on a site that is open to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

Furthermore, one persons letter to an editor, Grassroots Labour page or not, is about as indicative of "why Labour lost" as claiming the Iraq War was about oil.

Put something up that is concrete, not this dribble. Just makes you look desperate.

Gooner said...

The word is drivel.

I put up what I want to put up. Of course sometimes it's drivel. Other times it's intersting. And very occasionally I might strike a masterpiece.

Happy New Year!

john said...

Hone Kingi should note the success that has followed the publication of the letter from John Langdon..CORONATION STREET is now on two times a week..Can Hone, a fellow Labour Party member, advise us of any similar success he has achieved..