Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Labour's hypocrisy over pay increases

Just a quick post as I'm heading out for a run.

Chis Hipkins over at Red Alert is enraged over pay increases for ministers via a change to the residence allowance.
However despite the rhetoric, a few weeks before Christmas, four of his ministers got a pay rise thanks to Key’s new funding regime for ministerial residences, with more of them set to benefit as they enter the new system over the next 12 months.

Based on a comparison of their previous claims and their new allowances, all four of the first ministers to enter the new regime get a tax free pay increase. Pita Sharples gets $173 per week, David Carter $204 per week, and Maurice Williamson $84 per week. It’s harder to calculate the fourth minister, Nathan Guy, because he only recently seems to have started claiming.

But I recall this issue from a few months ago. The money quote:
Mr Rennie said the pay rises flowed through from a decision in 2005 to increase the overall funding for chief executives by 5 per cent a year for five years.
A decision in 2005 to grant pay increases for five years without any chance of review or linked to performance. Check out the numbers in that Herald article. They're scary and exemplify the largesse the previous government operated under.


Blue Rinse Lady said...

Typical isn't it. Everyone else is recession hit........

pdm said...

Of course hypocrisy is what Labour do best as it comes naturally to all of them.

Barnsley Bill said...

Alfred E Hipkins was a familiar in Clarkulas office. Hypocrisy is a corner stone of his belief system.