Monday, December 14, 2009

It's About Time........ take a look at the next round of Climategate's political victims.

First there was Australia's Malcolm Turnbull who, too late, found that Liberal voters don't like their leader getting into bed with Labor.

Now, America's first Afro-Ayrab President falls to an all time low. Talk of impeachment appears for the first time - on grounds of economic destruction, epitomised by Cap and Trade.

Could it be coincidence or is it that ordinary Yanks are waking up to Climategate and the biggest lie in history? Maybe healthcare is a factor but not so in NZ.

Where, for the first time since last year's election, John Key has taken a modest hit in a poll.

Last night's TV3 poll showed a whopping 9% decline in those who think he is doing a good job. Adolf reckons this decline is due largely to the foolish ETS and even more foolish journey to the carbonbunkum which is Copenhagen.

The next six months will make for very interesting watching.



Despite the many many failures of Gordon Brown, the UK Tories have not made the huge gains one might expect.
Perhaps that too is became its 'hug a hoody leader' Dave Cameron follows the same warmist agenda and is little different to the current UK Pm.

Anonymous said...

At last! Labour up in the polls. Key is human, after all! More bad decisions, they could lose in 2011. I can't wait to vote Labour!

Redbaiter said...

Key and his advisors live in a world sealed off from real public opinion, and they mistake the endless whining of left wing "journalists" and self important academics as an indication of what the man in the street is thinking.

National are just a disaster.

Bok said...

Key totally misjudged this one. He sold NZ for a pup. It is really sad. I was excited about your country's future when he was elected, however there was a niggle when he firstly set up a deal for the anti-smacking law, then promoted Clark and Cullen's post election ambitions. The real scare came when he suggested that no matter what the referendum says he would not listen.

All that however pales into significance when you realise that he has sold the future of NZ to the Chinese with the ETS.

Folks, China will carry on with their manufacture at low cost regardless of what the rest of the world says. What are we going to do? Boycott them? Fight them?

Clark will be remembered as the PM that destroyed the fabric of NZ society..... Key as the PM that destroyed NZ.

Anonymous said...

John was invincible until he was seduced into by ETS by climate scammers and Euro commies. I always suspected he had a weak streak a bit like a Bill Rowling with a wallet!


Alan said...

National are now liabour by another name. You could rename them
'National disaster'
I now think Key, is not the centrist I feared he was, but something further left again.


What puzzles me is what the National Party rank and file think.
And what are they doing about it?
The National Party supporting bloggers like Adolf have been open with their sceptism.
However, David Farrar seems to be sitting on the fence somewhat.
But what do National Party members tell their MPs?
If you saw John Key or Nick Smith at some National Party function, surely you would tell them, wouldn't you?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hell, according to Danyl (who is on extended holiday for personal abuse) if I shook hands with my MP I'd be pissing barbed wire for a week.

Redbaiter said...

Nothing has made me feel more contempt for the smirking Key and his spineless lackies than the decision to fly the seperatist flag from government buildings (and the Auckland harbour bridge) on Waitangi day.

This could be considered by some as an act of treason, and it is at the very least an utte rbetrayal of many electors who voted for Key because they expected from pre-election rhetoric that the racists would not be given any kind of profile.

Absolutely contemptible. worthy of a cabinet revolt, (if there was anyone in cabinet with a spine) and this duplicitous slimy scumbag Key has to go. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

Redbaiter, I agree, but try telling those 50 per cent of Key voters that! Why can't they see through him?

emmess said...

Key has gone from the 'Smiling Assassin' to just simply the 'Smiling Ass' in my book

He offered so much potential. He had a mandate to be New Zealand's Reagan but will end up at best New Zealand's Chirac.