Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is Len Brown taking orders from Labour?

In this morning's Herald, I see that Manukau Mayor and Labour man Len Brown is calling for much lower spending limits for the Auckland Mayoralty race next year.

Yet this follows on from his bragging in the Herald two months prior that he was going to spend up to one million dollars, in a campaign just like Obama (dry retching can commence). Apart from the obvious hypocrisy of the man, I couldn't help but notice he came out on the same day that the Labour losers in Parliament also started debating the spending limits.

What a coincidence. I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that Len Brown takes his orders from the Labour Party headquarters in Wellington.

But those Labourites (Len and the ones in Wellington) are certainly true to form - they will do anything they can to choke off the right for people to fundraise and spend their own money in election campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Yaaawn - so Mayor Len Brown is a Labour party member. Shock horror - next you'll be telling us that John Banks used to be a National party Minister.... he was - quell horror!$@!

It is entirely consistent for any politician to spend up to the limit to win an election, while calling for a lower limit that allows normal people to stand as candidates (not just the rich).

What do you think Len Brown should do? Limit himself to spend only what he thinks a lower, more reasonable limit should be, allowing Banks to win the mayoral election with a huge spend up? (big spending has been shown to influence elections heavily).

pdm said...

Anon - all readers here know about big spending winning elections. Remember Labour doing it by stealing Taxpayers money in 2005.

The Veteran said...

Anonymous said "Mayor Len Brown" and "Yaaawn" in the same sentence.

Got that right.

Anonymous said...

"(big spending has been shown to influence elections heavily)."

I call bullshit on that one. All evidence I have seen shows otherwise.
Put up an example in NZ please.

"What do you think Len Brown should do?"

Fuck off preferably. He is absolutely useless and is just coasting on all the good work done by the previous Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Example - John Banks spendup to become Mayor of Auckland City Council. He admitted he spent far more than anyone else, and shot up the polls in proportion to the commercial billboards he bought.

And if it didn't work, why are the Nats raising the limit? Why does Act get a last minute voter boost when they spend massively just prior to elections, then slump to their normal 1-2% support?

Good work of 'bitumen Barry' Curtis? Would that be forcing Otahuhu court to be closed and shifted to a vast(ly expensive) but still overcrowded Manukau Court? Or building the Pacific Arena for $65m to seat 2,500 max when other cities (Waitakere, Rotorua) built 5,-10,000 max stadiums for 1/3 - 1/2 the price? All so Curtis could feel like he had a real city?

Or perhaps you meant presiding over residential subdivision of farmland with asbestos dumped on it? Or intensive subdivision of soft, sedimentary clifftop sites (like his own Bucklands Beach home) that have since slipped off the cliff?

Aaaaah, right-winghers. Fact free zones ;)