Sunday, December 27, 2009

If there is no news, invent some

It will come as no surprise to our New Zealand readers that not much happens in NZ that might be considered newsworthy. Generally, this is a good thing, as stuff that is newsworthy often involves large numbers of dead bodies. However, it does have one drawback, in that the nation's journos are forced to just invent news if they're going to be able to publish a newspaper every day.

Fine example of this yesterday: I noticed on Stuff Nazi uniforms upset RSA, in which we discover that RSA national president Robin Klitscher is furious that members of the Military Re-enactment Society put on Nazi uniforms and set up swastika flags and a portrait of Hitler. Well, yes, that would be a pretty offensive show to put on for your local RSA I should think, even if its national president does have a German name. Except, they didn't do it at the RSA:

The uniforms were worn at a private dinner at a Cambridge restaurant last month.

So how did the nat pres of the RSA find out about this private function and decide to call the press? How indeed? On reading the story at the NZ Herald site, all is revealed:

The Weekend Herald has obtained photographs of members of the Military Re-enactment Society holding a private dinner at a Cambridge restaurant last month.

In other words, the journo, Jared Savage, saw the photos of someone's private event and rushed off to wave them at Robin Klitscher so he could write a story about how the photos had outraged Robin Klitscher. I guess David Zwartz was unavailable...

I can't wait for Jared Savage's next story, in which he obtains photos of a pig on a spit at a barbecue and rushes them to the head of FIANZ for comment.


Anonymous said...

NZH -wankers- does this mean we ban all films/plays about war? The important point here is that people are reminded about WW2 - horror in the vain hope that such wars will not happen again.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Of course, what was omitted was the fact that the theme for the dinner was 'Germany after WWII' or something similar. Nobody bothered to get he shots of the chaps dressed as American GIs or Tommies.

Gooner said...

Good post Milt.

Very observant and apt.

Psycho Milt said...

Nobody bothered to get he shots of the chaps dressed as American GIs or Tommies.

Yeah, it's only people dressing up as Jerries that draws the flak. It's bollocks - in my experience, military re-enactment types are keen on cool equipment and uniforms, which means playing the British Army would be very low on your list and 1SSLAH would be somewhere near the top. You don't need to be an imperialist to play the Brits, and you don't need to be a fascist to play the Jerries.

Anonymous said...

And of course that bastion of PC the dishonorable Joris debris had to have his say and condemm them all. What a joke the man is.
P.s. When is key going to can that outfit and save us all a lot of whining and a lot of money?