Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Hollywood President

"I'm here to act"

Kinda says it all about this tinsel president.

Turns up to the battle after the action is over and expects to get an Oscar.


PM of NZ said...

Here to act, for all the world to see.

Let's get it on. Best foot forward, straight up, upsets the Asian Tiger.

Definitely an act. One that no-one else wants to follow.

Simon said...

Normal commercial transactions can take months or longer to complete. Depending on the complexity.

Now people actually think these clowns can turn up in a week and sort out global warming for 193 countries.

Stupid doesn’t even close.

WAKE UP said...

Daniel Boorstin on America, back in 1961 (paraphrased): "An America whose citizens were incresingly enthralled by imitations of reality rather than by reality itself - by the pretence of substance without the actual substance".

Sound familiar? And now you can substitute "the World" for "America".