Saturday, December 19, 2009

Guardian Confirms Unconditional Surrender

All that remains is to bring out of mothballs USS Missouri for the official signing of the documents.

"Negotiators will now work on individual agreements such as forests, technology, and finance – but, without strong leadership, the chances are that it will take years to complete."

The gross spectacle which was Copenhagen has given the voters of the free world their first real insight into the true agenda of the Global Warmenisers. A leftist/United Nations/World Bank/Socialist naked grab for world domination which dwarfed previous attempts by Stalin and Hitler before him.

We are indebted to Chavez in particular for driving the message home on world wide television.

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Lucy said...

John Key has committed NZ to painful cuts in emissions to set an example that most other nations have just announced they will not follow.

The Jobs that will be lost overseas will be substanial.