Friday, December 4, 2009

ETS meeting

This has already got a bit of publicity, but here is more. The good news about this meeting now is that Richard Treadgold is confirmed as a speaker also.

John Boscawen, ACT’s spokesperson on Climate Change, invites you to a Public Meeting to discuss the Emissions Trading Scheme. New Zealanders will all be poorer. Power, petrol and food will all go up in price. Come and find out:

• Why the ETS will see many low and middle income families struggle
• Why many feel the scientific consensus is crumbling and dispute the fact that the science is settled
• Why it will be more difficult for our export businesses and farmers to compete
• Why ACT’s offer to support National in delaying Labour’s ETS was ignored

Where: Royal Akarana Yacht Club, 10 Tamaki Drive, Okahu Bay, Auckland

When: Monday 7 December, 7.30 pm

For more information email: or call 09 531 5531


Anonymous said...

Spend a couple of hours here
I dare you

Andrei said...

Just did anon - its very funny.

BTW the fact that people use the term denier in their rhetoric shows the shallowness of their argument.

Sorry fellow but the AGW thing is at the end of its life, its going the way of the Millerites.

Gooner said...

And the way of Nuclear Winter, the Jupiter Effect, the China Syndrome, the Doomsday Asteroid, Ozone Depletion, SARS, Global Warming, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Y2K and funnily enough the 1970's prediction of an Ice Age.

Angus said...

Sorry to be pedantic Gooner, but you left out mineral depletion, peak oil, DDT and killer bees.

Angus said...

. . . and acid rain.

Gooner said...

Pedantic is fine Angus. I'm sure there are many others.