Saturday, December 19, 2009

Don't hold your breath

In light of the Copenhagen debacle crumbling here are a few wishful ideas

1. Our ETS be scrapped.
2. John Key apologises to us all for wasting our borrowed money.
2. Our politicians promise that we taxpayers will never be fleeced like this again.
3. Rudd, Brown, Sarkozy and Obama have their arses warmed by being booted out next election.
4. Now that the truth is out, The Green Party be renamed the Red ( Redistribute Everyone's Dollar) Party.
5. The earth is allowed to carry on warming and cooling, just like it has for 5 billion years.
6. CO2 goes back to being a lifegiving gas.
7. Science is reclaimed by real scientists who can solve the real problems the world faces.

Sadly, most of this will never happen ( except 5 & 7) and they will all be back at the trough next year in Mexicon and ... the year after and ... the year after and ... $100billion is a big carrot

These people will never give up until mankind is beaten into submission.

So keep working hard, paying your taxes and believing everything you read in the papers.


Lucia Maria said...

You never know, pigs might fly.

The Veteran said...

Lou ... I am happy to be labelled a climate change skeptic. At the very best that old Scottish verdict of 'not proven' springs to mind.

But I am also a political realist and know that if NZ were to stand aside and say a plague on your houses to the climate change rorters then you can bet your bottom dollar that politicians in the EU and the US, under pressure from their farming lobbys, would use that as an excuse to slap punitive tariffs on our exports. That's the reality folks and there is nothing we can do about it.

The trick (if there is one) is to play along with the charade while protecting to the best extent possible our own backyard.

You can argue around the fringes but this is what the Government has managed to do no thanks to Labour/Greens who continue to believe that we should somehow lead the world.

But then Labour/Greens don't count for too much any more.

End of rant.

Lou Taylor said...

I am very happy with the outcome of Copenhagen. But the best we can call it at this time is a draw.
The Labour/Greens of the world aren't going to disappear. They will be back one way or another.
When you have a MO of lying and cheating, you can always come up with a new story.
However brilliantly Key may have played along with this charade, it will still come back to bite him on the arse unless he can show the hard working people of NZ that he is on their side.My jury is out on that so far.

Anonymous said...

The Labour/Greens of the world aren't going to disappear

this is a matter of political resolve. The Nazi's have disappeared. The Jews in Germany disappeared. About 30.000 Labour/Green Opponents to Argentina's government disappeared.

If we want them to disappear, we can make them disappear.

Do we have the will?

Lou Taylor said...

You are proposing the very solution that socialist would use against us. That makes you no better than them. Bugger off.

Anonymous said...

NZ is too complacent too ever get up and do anything. That's how the socialist govt got a foothold, and now has a strangle hold. Nothing will change, just the faces in power.

Ruth said...

Excellent comment Veteran. One must never fake reality as Ayn Rand said.

So many on the Right have descended into permanent hysterical hyperbole about the death of capitalism etc.

Utter nonsense - this will fizzle out when it starts costing the US serious money, mark my words.

Anonymous said...

They aren't scientists, but stamp collectors, as Feyman(?) said.