Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The War Pensions Act provides for unlimited free travel on public transport for severely disabled War Veterans.

Yesterday it was announced that Cabinet has signed off on a deal that extends this to include private transport. Once the necessary Regulations are Gazetted entitled Veterans will be able to claim reimbursement calculated at 22.5 cents per kilometer for every journey over 80 kilometers (160 kilometers round trip).

The Veteran estimates that around 1,500 Veterans will be eligible for this new payment which is tax free.

The change will particularly advantage Veterans in the Far North, East Coast North Island and West Coast South Island where there is limited public transport but the reality is that most eligible Veterans will benefit one way or other.

In a time of financial stringency it is encouraging that Government has seen fit to honour disabled War Veterans this way.

Judith Collins, as Minister for Veterans' Affairs, is to be congratulated.


Kevin said...

'Every journey'? Surely not

The Veteran said...

Kevin ... yes, every journey and that has been the case since 1956, albeit restricted to public transport, remembering at that time the public transport network was extensive and covered most towns in NZ.

We have moved on since then, most veterans have access to private transport and the public transport service is non existent in many rural areas.

And remember this concession is only available to the severely disabled i.e. those assessed at the 100% level or above.

This is a practical way the Government and people of NZ acknowledge the service of our severely disabled war veterans.

Graeme said...

Great news, I wonder who will be the first to abuse this let's face they are out there.