Saturday, December 19, 2009

BBC Admits Defeat for Warmensiers

The BBC headline is instructive:-

'Meaningful' deal reached at Copenhagen

The word 'meaningful' is diplospeak for 'fuck all of any value.'

A US government official said the deal was a "historic step forward" but was not enough to prevent dangerous climate change in the future.

Analysts welcomed the fact that a deal had been done, but said its achievements were modest.

US President Barack Obama said the deal would be a foundation for global action but there was "much further to go".

The free world heaves a collective sigh of relief as the 'non binding' book full of bullshit is published.

After a conference which is estimated to have cost over one billion dollars US, the world's socialists retire to lick their wounds and figure out a new scam. The free world knows that by the time of the next scheduled billion dollar waste of money the junk science supporting the current scam will be well and truly debunked and its proponents expelled from the scientific community.

The burning question for New Zealand is:-

How do we prevent our politicians and their assorted hangers on from wasting more of our money next time round?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! It is feels like the world's had an enema and the bullshit has passed. (At least for now!)


The Veteran said...

Great news ... the world has been saved from itself and we can relax in the warn glow of having done our bit for humanity or something!!!!.

So wot next great adventure into unchartered waters beckons for earnest people to get their teeth into you might ask.

Saving ACT from itself given the revelations in todays Royal New Zealand Hearld.

Saving Charles Chauvel from being even more of a 'charlie'.

Saving Chris Carter from being picked on just because he's 'Gay'.

Saving Hone from Himself

Saving Phil Goff ... period

Saving Asharf Choudhary from the Labour Party knackers yard.

Saving Kennedy Graham from the world.

The list goes on.

So many things to do, so little time left.

Lucy said...

"LATEST: The world's major emitters are backing a deal which has emerged at climate change talks in Copenhagen but Prime Minister John Key says it does not go far enough.

"What we have at this point is a political statement; we don't have a legally binding agreement," Key told reporters."

And to think this f**kwit is the leader os the National party.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in what back-room deals are in the pipeline unless we keep up the pressure on revealing the truth of ClimeateGate.
It's time we found out how educated our individual politicians are on the subject of (non) global warming.


Bok said...

Adolf I am firmly behind you with most things but key is being a right pratt here saying it is not enough. Guys we knock the left in that they have no morals or ethics. Time to front up. John Key is the biggest disappointment I have ever voted for.

It is time for the national supporters to start being honest.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

What fun.

Defeated by their own hubris.