Friday, December 4, 2009

Ayrabs Snub Danes - Not a Cartoon to be Seen

Maybe John Key has decided at the last minute to go to Copenhagen so that he can call for a genuine review of the scientific evidence, if there really is any, for AGW?

Saudi Arabia has signalled the sinking of the useless talkfest before it starts.

Saudi Arabia is an influential member of the G77/China bloc which leads the "developing world" side in many elements of the UN negotiations.

Mr Al-Sabban made clear that he expects it to derail the single biggest objective of the summit - to agree limitations on greenhouse gas emissions.

"It appears from the details of the scandal that there is no relationship whatsoever between human activities and climate change," he told BBC News.

"Climate is changing for thousands of years, but for natural and not human-induced reasons.

"So, whatever the international community does to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will have no effect on the climate's natural variability."

Some other countries shared this view, he said; and as a result, governments would not be prepared to countenance agreeing anything that would affect economic growth for many years, until "new evidence" settled the scientific picture.

The house of cards continues to tumble down.

Long may it continue.


erikter said...

Adolf, your optimism is commendable but completely misguided. Same with your faith in the spineless John Key.

You are either in love with the man, or are a complete fool. I'd go with the former.

Angus said...

How 'bout those Queer Slack Bats aye Adolf ? I bloody knew they'd fold.

Hopeless !

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Words fail me. It seems we won a test match by accident.

Anonymous said...

That is good news. I too wondered if a number of these world leaders saw this as an opportunity to have some one to one chats . The topic likely being: fark, this is going to cost us, given climategate, lets review everything and delay, delay, delay.

Lucy said...

There are none so blind as those that will not see. Keep trying Adolf I am. Man made climate change was made up by man. The climate will change it has done so for ever. And making us pay through the nose will change nothing.

The end result will be mother nature + won - man +lost