Saturday, December 26, 2009


The Veteran thought the Queen's Christmas Message where she singled out troops from the Commonwealth (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore) serving in Afghanistan for special mention was entirely appropriate and I thank her for that.

For the record the Veteran is not a Royalist. Once was, but the image of Charles the Third as King of New Zealand leaves me cold. Once the Queen departs I favour New Zealand becoming a Republic within the Commonwealth with a President as titular Head of State (however appointed/elected) having a ceremonial role with Parliament retaining primacy over all issues.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I thought I saw somewhere recently that Her Majesty is getting set to have her grandson assume the mantle upon her departure. Not sure how that works.

He seems to have more brains than his dopey Dad.

muz said...

If we should reorganise our constitutional HOS then I would hope any change has some check and balance over the passage of legislation that is self serving to the parliamentary majority and opposed by a clear majority of the population ie the EFA. I was holding a forlorn hope that our incumbent GG would listen to the public disquiet over that rather landscape changing self serving iniquitous attempt but to no avail. I wondered at the time if we had the regular PM visits to our Majesty that the UK PM has, would she have raised the disquiet that so many of had in an attempt to influence the govt thinking.
I felt that having no second chamber, an electoral system that is inclined to wag the dog or show total subservience to a power drunk leader and a HOS that seems to just be a rubber stamp left our democracy very exposed to say the least.

Lucy said...

As muz says we will need some really robust legislation/consitutional laws in place before we can trust any of the current bunch not to turn NZ into a dictatorship.

Kevin said...

William seems to have what it takes (thanks to Diana of course). Charles was/is/has been too busy foraging with badger.

JC said...

Heard the Queen's message for the first time in ages. I sort of listened, but didn't hear anything about Man's Greatest Threat, ie AGW.

Intrigued I checked the 07/08/09 transcripts of her Chrissy message and found she's never mentioned "global", "warming".

That can't be accidental because she would certainly have mentioned any threat to "her" Commonwealth.


Anonymous said...

Are not the Royal Family just bludgers of the UK tax payer?
beneficiaries that live in a palace?
Get rid of the lot of them i say


Yes Adolf, much has been said in Australia at least about William takling over some of the Queen's duties.
He would make an excellent king and would enable the monarchy to survive for decades to come.

Anonymous said...
Alternative Speech from the Queen

The Veteran said...

Folks ... I don't think the Royals are too much into abdications following the self serving cop out of Edward V111.

And the Head of State should NEVER be able to overrule Parliament as long as the Government of the day retains the confidence of the House.

If the Government is want to pass stupid laws (eg the EFA) then they answer for that through the ballot box.

We do not need an executive Head of State. Just imagine Winston Peters or Helen Clark in that role.
Quite spoilt my day.

ZenTiger said...

If the Government is want to pass stupid laws (eg the EFA) then they answer for that through the ballot box.

Veteran, do you realise how ironic it is to suggest that if we don't like the way the Politicians gerrymander the electoral system, we can always vote them out...

Lucy said...

Ummmm. Veteran for most of my life I thought that it was as simple as 'vote them out'. Not any more.

They (Politicians and those aspiring to be politicians)will lie, cheat and have absolutely no integrity, they will do what ever it takes to get into power for personal gain and NOT for the people of the country they are supposed to represent.

What to do? I think it is going to take a hugh social shift away from the mindset of entitlement an bitterness to one of pride and satisfaction of our own achievements.
As the desderata says 'Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time."

Something that those who do not strive for themselves will never understand.

Time for a refresher.Read the Desiderata again people.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lucy, I prefer the Beatitudes.

Barnsley Bill said...

William is taking over some of his grandmothers official duties because she is very old. I am ambivalent about the prospects of us retaining the Royal Family until...
Who is going to be our first president? Clark probably if it happens in the next ten years. A lifetime of getting paid by taxpayers would be nicely bookended.
Forget it. The royal family cost us bugger all and have a benign effect at worst.
Pick something important to worry about folks. opening this debate will see the beast return.

phil sage (sagenz said...

I completely agree Veteran. The Queen has served well and it would be churlish to snub her now. But her passing is the time to remove that herditary title.

An appointed rather than elected president with weak powers will ensure the primacy of parliament.

Barnsley Bill said...

And once more for emphasis. I would rather have some part German living in the biggest state house in England as our titular head of state than have Clark back. And that is exactly what you will get when she has finished in New York if we go down this route.

Lou Taylor said...

Agree BB
If some ex poli becoming our head of state is the answer , I hate to think what the question is.

The Realist said...

I don't believe what I'm reading!!!
The consequences don't bear thinking about. Possibly our first political assassination, but that would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Let's become a tin-pot republic.

That way Helen Clark or Gennutix Fitsimmons [or some other time-expired professional politician] can be the State President.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of repetition, 4 words that will have us welcoming King Charles with open arms - "Helen Clark for President"