Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Word Debased.

Once upon a time, one could go out on the town and have a gay old time. Forth formers would snigger as they sang "We'll all feel gay, when Johnnie comes marching home.' and homosexuals were poofters.

Now the enviro-nazis have stolen the word 'green.'


Someone, please tell Phil O'Reilly that in the Clean green context, the word green refers to a colour. Compared with most other countries (Except the Emerald Isle) New Zealand is Green. It's not a dirty shitty arid reddy brown like much of Canada, USA, Argentina, Russia, India, Australia et al. The bloody place really is very very GREEN. Never can I forget the involuntary gasp each time I flew in over Aphitu from Australia during the seventies. I simply had forgotten what real green grass and bush actually looked like.

So how can we we be setting ourselves up to fail?

Try Googling "clean green New Zealand" and you'll find many recent critical entries pointing out instances where we are failing to meet the standard of "clean and green".

We can't somehow 'not live up to' the colour of the landscape. The fact of the matter is, compared to most countries Adolf has visited, New Zealand is cleaner and a damned sight greener.

Whose standard is it anyway? There are some nutters (many were at Copenhagen) who would consider we fail as long as we allow homo sapiens to reside here.

So Mr O'Reilly, I suggest you stick your chest out a bit and stop prevaricating. By all means tell your mates this country is a great place to live but tell them also is because the joint is so Green.


Lou Taylor said...

Agree Adolf
Words are powerful and the left are masters at hijacking them. The right need to fight back. As an example look at the trouble that ACT has defining their position, Liberal?, the guts to do whats right?, etc.

We should be reclaiming words like Freedom, responsibility and justice.

Kevin said...

'Rainbow' is another hi-jacked word...

Gooner said...

What Lou said.

Wrds r very pwrful and da left du a btr job @ owning them.