Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adolf and the AO Squad

Adolf departed for his early morning stroll at 0543.

A good old stretch at about 400m and off into the sun rise.

What's that police car doing there in the roundabout with lights flashing? Further up the road- about 250m, half a dozen men in black.

The cop at the roundabout said "Sorry mate, you can't go up there." Then I saw his semi-automatic rifle held closely at his side as he stood near his car's open door. Then I heard the loud hailer being used by the police negotiator. Then I turned and went the other way.

I wonder what some poor buggers are going through in Sunset Rd this morning.


pdm said...

ey weren't `rounding up' your lunatic Mayor by any chance?

Anonymous said...

or finally purging the country

of all the leftists
and unionists?

we can only hope and dream
but one day it will be true!