Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where things start

When issues arise in New Zealand we often look for an answer that is far removed from the actual cause of the problem.

Three examples.

Emissions Trading.

Emissions Trading is a gigantic shambles - not caused by climate change because we have had climate change for millions of years - but caused, and then made worse, by politicians. Cause of problem = politicians.

Legal Aid Review

As someone who has some links to the law profession, the Bazley report into legal aid is unsurprising. The problems in Manukau have been well known for years and no one in the legal profession had the guts to do anything about it. But when you create a system that allows it to be milked like a cow; and when standards at law schools slide on the back of affirmative action policies (put in by politicians), bums on seats attitudes (put in by politicians) and examiners failure to fail students (tacitly allowed by politicians so that the bums on seats can prevail), what you get is poorly educated lawyers on a gravy train. Cause of problem = politicians.

Supreme Court judgment recall

What can one say on this story apart from this: we had a perfectly functional appellate court process that was not open to the closeness that New Zealand society inexorably provides. That was called the Privy Council. Some politicians (Clark et al) decided we should scrap that and leave ourselves open to the biases and allegations of tainting that only a very small country at the bottom of the World can. Cause of problem = politicians.

When you look behind these issues they are all ultimately caused by politicians. The legal aid problem isn't the result of bad lawyers, it's the result of bad politicians. Emissions Trading isn't the result of climate change, it's the result of poor politicians. And the Supreme Court story isn't caused by the failure to disclose bias, it was caused by the removal of the Privy Council - a political decision. The best reason for retaining the Privy Council was because we are such a small country that the six degrees of separation paradigm drops back to about two degrees in this country. Everyone knows everyone who knows everyone.


Lou Taylor said...

The really interesting question is... where will things end?

Lucy said...

Brilliant gooner.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Even now John Key appears to want to knock back Don Brash's excellent report on lifting New Zealand's productivity.

A bit late for him to care about election promises having alreay cancelled tax cuts.

It's all about Trust.

Graeme Edgeler said...

We had a Court of Appeal while we still had access to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. While we have a few more judges at the top now, I don't see how the Supreme Court has made a difference to this case.

showmethetaxcut said...

No, the best reason for retaining the Privy Council was that we had access to the best legal minds in the Commonwealth for nothing.

Only an arrogant government would throw that away.

Anonymous said...

Even accepting, and I don't, your claim that the "problems" you identify are a failure of policy as opposed to execution, this post is ridiculous.

What's your point? That democracy has failed and we should do away with politicians and leave you and Rodney Hide (who's a politician as it happens) in charge? Great idea.

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

That democracy has failed and we should do away with politicians and leave you and Rodney Hide (who's a politician as it happens) in charge? Great idea.

Yep. But not Roger or Rodney!

Brash & Ruth to run the economy.

Boscowen and Garrett on crime and social policy,

Meurant or Rickhards to manage the lefties.