Saturday, November 14, 2009

We won!!!

Nuff said.

Kiwis qualify for South Africa


sagenz said...

In what game? The AB's don't start for another 2 hours yet and they are only playing Italy.

I wonder if they will be allowed to train at King's before they leave this time around. In 1982 the Adshead team were politely told that "Soccer was not played at Kings" when they requested to train close to teh Airport.

DenMT said...

So good. Jubilant atmosphere here, mainly because the rest of Sweden needs a team to go for, having been knocked out of the competition a while back by Denmark.

Go All Whites!


pdm said...

Sagenz - crap day isn't it. I am in SE London near Dulwich.

In 1982 Soccer was for sissys and Rugby was a mans game. Now it is hard to tell the difference as evidenced by Woodcock and Carters suspensions.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, I'm not big on soccer but I stayed up to watch it. Enthralling stuff.

Two comments.

Thank God Helen Clark was not at the ground.

I wonder how Mr Harawira enjoyed watching those All White motherfuckers cleaning up those poor little brown Ayrabs?

Inventory2 said...

Bloody brilliant it was Gooner - I've been going to rugby tests since 1971, and I've never experienced anything remorely like last night at Welly - not even the '87 RWC final. It was magic!

alex Masterley said...

Watched the game.
Great outcome.
Ryan Nelson in his element. Calm collected, velvet glove with iron fist etc.
Paston had a good game. He was lucky though with the penalty as it was underhit and he went the right way.
The Bahrainies flapped their arms like they were trying to take off, but when they played some soccer there were some very good moves.

The Veteran said...

Don't follow soccer too much but if someone talls me Australia didn't make it to South Africa that would really make my day.

For Sagenz. That was under Ian Campbell. King's has moved on since then and in fact Ali Williams was a star in the College 1st X1 Soccer Team until his Housemaster (Ken Carrington - ex AB) persuaded him to play for Parnell in the Inter House Rugby and he was a natural and kicked the round ball into touch.