Thursday, November 26, 2009

Very Droll

You've got to hand it to the lads and ladies at transTasman. They know their politics. Here's how they describe the Greens' reaction to yesterday's ETS.

"Labour doesn’t like it…OK, they
wouldn’t because it’s not theirs.
The Green Party, with their usual
mix of residual Kiwi Puritanism
and hand-me-down Marxism,
doesn’t like it because it doesn’t
punish anyone hard enough."
Boom boom!


Falafulu Fisi said...

This is not surprising. John Key is a fan of Al Gore. WHY? He attended the Al Gore lecture that was held at the University of Auckland (School of Engineering), when messiah Gore visited here.

Whatever Key was saying at the time about AGW, while in opposition, was just hot air. He had to say that he didn't believe in AGW back then, because that's what the opposition is supposed to do, play devil's advocate. In reality, he has always believed AGW. There is no coincidence that this ETS bullshit is being rushed thru.

KG said...

Very droll indeed--but nowhere near as droll as National proposing to tax the shit out of us in the name of junk science.

toad said...

Adolf, it punishes the taxpayers very hard for no fault of their own.

But it lets big polluters off with little incentive to reduce their pollution, while the taxpayer foots the bill for it.

I would have thought you righties who don't like subsidies would agree with the Greens on that one. We're in Kyoto, like it or not, and someone has to pay.

CB said...

Falafulu, if that is what parties are meant to say about AGW whilst in opposition, I think someone forgot to tell Goofy and Turnbull, the Oz Liberal leader.

CB said...

If we punish industry they will move offshore to a country where they are not penalised, taking NZers jobs with them.

Oz does not have Ag in their ETS so any punishment of emitters will kill our Dairy export industry.

If they did decide to stay, and we kept Labours ETS, then they would build their punishing fines into the price of their goods. Remember the whining about the price of cheese? How about $22 for a litre of milk if you had your way.

National has lessened the effects of Labours ETS and basically replaced it with an "ETS when you don't really want one". It is purely something to satisfy the protectionist lobby groups of the US and EU.

We have to keep our export industry alive or we will become a third world country. But that is really what you Greenies want to turn the western world in to though, isn't it!

Toad dreams of people living in grass huts and riding in horse drawn carriages.

KG said...

"If we punish industry they will move offshore to a country where they are not penalised, taking NZers jobs with them."

And if the government continues to punish taxpayers they'll move offshore taking needed skills and energy with them.