Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two Great Melts Down

History will record two of Western Civilisation's greatest ever follies occuring in quick succession - both caused by socialists.

First it was the phenomenon of ninja loans and junk bonds wherein good clean capitalism gave way to socialist interference and millions of loans to people with no incomes, no jobs and no assets. These worthless pieces of paper were bundled up and sold as securities around the world, creating a commercial binge fueled by corporate greed.

Before those financial shock waves have receded we find ourselves being plunged into a further multi-billion dollar disaster in the form of Emission Trading Schemes based on a foundation of junk science and bogus predictions of impending doom with the creation of so called carbon credits. These worthless pieces of paper are being bundled up and sold as securities around the world, creating a commercial binge fueled by corporate greed.

Adolf will predict that his beloved National Party will take a king hit in the polls over this incredible piece of ill timed and poorly managed folly.

The only question worth asking is 'Where will the unhappy voters go?' They can't go to Labour or the Greens because their version of the folly would have been worse.

I'd say that the ACT Party should be rubbing its hands with glee as the punters forget about Rodney Hide's trip away with his bit of fluff and focus on ACT's vociferous and right minded opposition to all this fraudulent AGW and ETS nonsense.

Look for fifteen ACT MPs come 2011.


bez said...

I'd say ACT has made itself too vulnerable to attack on moral grounds, so that won't happen.
The other problem is that the issues that you so rightly point out have been well hidden for the great masses. Their children have been indoctrinated their own education has left them bereft of the analytic capability to even understand the simple principles that underly these frauds. Gorging on their fish and chips and lounging for their television sets, they worry about their own misery only without ever understanding what it is that has put them where they are: collectivism, espoused by virtually all political parties, and the pandering of all others to the baubles of office. Your beloved National party and its leaders have now exposed themselves for what they are, dimwitted demagogues and unprincipled trough slurpers, just like the rest of them.

Psycho Milt said...

These worthless pieces of paper were bundled up and sold as securities around the world...

Those damn communists!

Lucy said...

Remember this?
To the annals of global warming lunacy, add this gem from New Zealand: According to [the Key Government, Nick Smith and] a parliamentary committee, Kiwis should accept lower standards of living to protect the national image abroad.”
- ‘Kiwi Carbon Haze,’ Wall Street Journal, September 7, 2009
The Key Government will be remembered for this. What a legacy.

David Baigent said...

"Look for fifteen ACT MPs come 2011."

Well 10 maybe (so that is a NZFirst rerun).
You will still have MMP.
You will still be just a bigger "tail" and no friends.
Still "principled" to the max and driving at an impractical speed.
Won't happen.

Just engage your brain and imagine the strife involved in planning a program of action for ACTFirst and NZ second.

pdm said...

DavidB - dream on if you think NZ First will be back.

15 ACT MP's sounds good to me - it should be enough to claim strong representation with at least an Associate Finance Minister if not the Minister Of Finance.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion. you are deluded if you imagine that people will flock to ACT.

As a right eco Hide electorate voter, I can assure you that no such thing could be further from my mind.

Hide and Douglas and their arrogant, grasping ways have showed just how out of touch they were with what their voters thought they represented. Between them they have cooked ACT's goose and it will be a long time before I ever consider them again..Douglas - a free riding and Museum dinosaur - has to be put in to basement storage.

erikter said...

Adolf, what happened to the leadership qualities of your beloved John Key?

He's shown, a weakling, nothing but a fool who has been conned by Smith.

Tell us: are you still in awe of the PM?

KG said...

Adolf, you're no fool--are you still supporting the Nats for lack of an alternative?

Falafulu Fisi said...

It will be 22 ACT MPs, not 15.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense about ACT. Plenty of voters are opposed to ETS but would never vote ACT. How many times have we heard this - and next poll they will still be around 1%.Dream on.

Inventory2 said...

pdm - sorry, but if anyone in their right mind still thinks that Douglas will be Finance Minister material in 2011, they occupy a paralllel universe.

Shane Pleasance said...

I can handle the usual bumbling incompetence and general fuckwittery we have had in politics in NZ for the last 20 years. Almost. Well actually, no I cannot.

But this.
We are moving from squandering the incredible opportunity which is NZ, to outright destruction - rather than our usual general soporific sheep munching in a paddock decline.

It actually IS enough to make you vote Libertarianz.


I was quite struck today by comments from Smith and Key concerning the ETS.
They did not mention the science.
It was about 'playing our part.'

Anonymous said...

"It was about 'playing our part.'"

That's alright then.
When we walk onto the stage at Copenhagen and find we don't have a 'part' we can just come home with our tail between our legs and just get on with trying to get our economy back on track.
[And ask all the globe trotter who went there at our expense to refund the money]


Anonymous said...

ACT have the record of opposing racism, the ETS, wasteful government spending and a lot more that has disgruntled Key voters.
Hide has paid back every cent of the cost of his trip.
They really need to show that their ideas won't lead to Mother Teresas' outfit establishing homes for the dying in NZ.
Key is the white president pinhead a bobbing pickaninny.

Anonymous said...

It actually IS enough to make you vote Libertarianz.

OH CRAP. It is enough to show that "democracy" has failed in NZ.

We have a choice: to aim for a better kind of government now - while there is still some ecnonomy to revive - or let the lefties continue to run the country into the ground, and, well, follow Fiji.

Where are the colonels when the country needs them most?

pdm said...

Inv2 - I never mentioned Douglas.

Surely there is a disciple in the ranks or perhaps Rodney could rediscover his ACT roots and do the job in Finance. We need someone who will `roll their sleeves up' and get stuck in.

Ackers said...

It's quite sad really. You've been completely sidelined by a leader exposed with no clothes, backing the denialist horse when it can't even find the straight let alone run it.

Bereft without a constituency, barking at the moon a la Redbaiter still wanking away to pictures of Sarah.