Monday, November 30, 2009

Pulling the rug. Yeah right.

So John Key thinks that NZers will have the rug pulled out from under them if his government takes any radical steps to transform the economy.

Well here's some news for John Boy.

The effing rug has already left town.

It left with the financial crisis and years of Clark wasting our productivity to build her socialist utopia.

If you want to continue borrowing money to give the unproductive a nice hand knotted persian to stand on, then fine, but don't expect me and other small businesses to bust our balls paying for it.

And that goes for the billions on the Climate Fraud as well.


Sally said...

With Key's leadership we have gone from the frying pan to the furnace.

What a charlatan! Just look at his Party's vision and values.

The National Party seeks a safe, prosperous and successful New Zealand that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams.

We believe this will be achieved by building a society based on the following values:

• Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign as Head of State
• National and personal security
• Equal citizenship and equal opportunity
• Individual freedom and choice
• Personal responsibility
• Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement
• Limited government
• Strong families and caring communities
• Sustainable development of our environment

KG said...

"Fail" on at least six of those.

Lucy said...

Only 6 KG. I give a fail on all 9.

Anonymous said...

The most pathetic thing about the 2025 is how fucking LABOUR it all is.

It could have been written by Cagill or Cullen.

The only place it is apposite is talking about the political risk. This could be managed simply by
postponing the next election until 2025. Then there
is no political risk, and we can do what must be done.

This report is a start - but it is just a start. Much much more is required!

Anonymous said...

Even fucking ACT is pathetic:

This alternative budget presents a way to decrease the overall level of Government expenditure from its current 37.3 percent of GDP to 27.7 percent of GDP within one year.

We need to get it down to 10%, Roger. 10 FUCKING percent. You always were a cowardly CUNT, Ruth has the guts to do what is required.

Roger still wants to spend 7 BILLION on super, 8 BILLION on bludgers, 8 BILLION on "health", and 8 BILLION on "education".

all these can and should be zeroed immediately.

that's another 30 BILLION in savings we can make overnight.

Then Roger's has a brutally progressive tax - NO TAX AT ALL until you're earning 30K then 16%.
Here's a better idea Rog - 30% on every fucking cent until you earn 30K, then zero, and if you're on more than 100K you get all your tax back! That's a real flat tax! Because in Roger's scheme, someone on 1,000,000 pays 10 times more tax than someone on 100,000 - which is a disgusting distortion of the economy.

It is easy to catch and surpass Australia. All it requires is the political will.

Psycho Milt said...

Bloody hell - Sinner's popped a foo-foo valve...

bustedblonde said...

boys i couldnt agree more.

Anonymous said...

What is the point in having political capital if you ain't going to spend it
I didn't vote National for this shit

showmethetaxcut said...

I have no problem with National keeping faith on its election promises.

What pisses me off is that National seem to be signalling that it may not be a one term gig.

James said...
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pdm said...

SMTC - I don't quite follow your last sentence.

Actually I see this as a great opportunity for National to take advantage of their strong popularity and call a snap election. They can then go to the country with a mandate based around the task force recommendations and a few other commonsense actions.

Anonymous said...

Umm, National won the Election not Act....
Act got eff all votes.
Do you want Labour back next term? Well if you do, then implement Brashs policies.
Otherwise, calm down and wait for Key to seek changes in the next election. You might find a middle course which would appeal and work.
Frankly all this undermining of Key does is help the fucking socialists. and we cant have that.

erikter said...

I'm disappointed by Adolf's silence of late.

Is political cowardice contagious?

Psycho Milt said...

....go to the country with a mandate based around the task force recommendations...

Go to the country having adopted the policies of a party that got 3% of the vote? Oh, yeah - I'd love to see that. Unfortunately for us lefties, Key isn't a moron.

Anonymous said...

Milt, Brash got 38% in 2005 on these types of policies.

Anonymous said...

What y'all absolutely must remember is the way that Labour fucked over the cuntry with MMP & WFF.

The result of those two policies are that more than half of the voters pay no income tax --- they are either on benefits, on WFF, or civil servants - ie directly latched to the taxpayer's tits.

And under MMP, it's that half that decides the government.

That's the fundamental problem. And with elections every three years with all those bludgers voting, we'll never get any real change until the IMF arrives to close the country down

NZ - on track to be the next Iceland

next most indebted country in the world after Iceland.

next most heavily traded currency in the world after iceland.