Sunday, November 8, 2009

Out of touch with poor priorities #2

From our "Labour is out of touch and is unable to prioritise" file comes this from "Chippie" Hipkins.
Last week I spent an evening visiting Heretaunga College night classes...It was a real eye opener and upon leaving I was even more convinced that the National government’s decision to cut ACE funding is the wrong one.

The first course was an Intermediate Spreadsheets course. ..One guy I spoke to, a painter, told me that most of his customers now expect to get their quotes electronically. The old carbon copy quote book doesn’t cut it anymore, so he was doing the spreadsheet course so he could do email quotes.

The next one I visited was an Introduction to Computers course...Looking through their workbook I fail to see how anyone could argue that courses like this one don’t improve literacy and numeracy skills. They certainly aren’t hobby courses.

I visited a Day Skipper course for people who were interested in boating...

My visits to a floral arranging course, a stained glass window course and a Spanish course all reinforced the tremendous social value night classes bring to the wider community...Several mums told me how important their one evening a week out of the house is for their mental health!

The National government have got this badly wrong...

When you're in parliament, a myriad of issues are there for the taking. You can either choose to get involved in all of them and be a jack of all trades, but master of none, or you can focus on the BIG issues - the ones that are going to allow this country to earn more money so that some of these courses are *possibly* affordable going forward.

In Labour's eyes right now everything the NACT is doing is wrong.

This negativity is enough to make me to go to a night class just one evening a week for *my* mental health.


pdm said...

Everyone of those courses should be user pays.

BTW why does a painter need spreadsheets for a quote - surely word would be okay and you don't have to be Einstein to use word.

JC said...

The average *loss* of Govt support for the night classes is $65 per person.

Somehow, I think the hobbyists will still be able to afford them.


Keeping Stock said...

Forutuntely for the NActs, Hipkins is no an interllectual heavyweight, having "earned" his safe Labour seat (if such a thing exists any more) by serving the Clark administration as a Parliamentary staffer. He's failed on every other issue he's tried to beat up; why would this be any different?

coge said...

Looks like Hipkins is pushing the party line. He needs to come up with something original, to get ahead. But original thought is not a requirement for young Labour MP's. So it won't happen.