Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oram on monetary policy

Rod Oram has taken another swipe at National in today's Sunday Star Times.

The National Party members on the committee, led by Bill English, rejected this. They argued that the Reserve Bank should not use such powers to help it achieve price stability, the key goal of monetary policy. Doing so would set New Zealand apart and create cost and confusion in the financial system.

How wrong National was.
Of course, he's talking about a committee that Labour probably had a majority on from 2005-2008 and therefore probably had the numbers to actually do something about monetary policy if it was so concerned about the asset bubbles Oram seems so concerned about himself.

And I just love his last sentence:
It is cutting itself off from the global debate about how to better run the world economy.
Someone should tell Oram that his good friend Phil Goff has already denounced command economics. In any event, economies run themselves Rod. The more political intervention the less efficient they become - you control freak.

Why doesn't he just issue the following disclaimer with his writings: "Oram loves the Left and the Left loves Oram".

Which would be true.

The evidence is here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

It's little wonder National allegedly refuses to deal with him.

By the way, the picture is that of Oram along with John Drexhage and Adrian Macey. Who are Drexhage and Macey?

Drexhage is a Leading Author with Working Group 3 of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Macey was a Climate Change Ambassador during the Clark government.


OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

It will be along time before Rod Oram has any influence in New Zealand again.

His beloved Helen Clark was kicked out of the country and it has been game over for him ever since.

Falafulu Fisi said...

John Drexhage Who? Why was he involved in the IPCC? I thought that IPCC is supposed to be a group of top-notch scientists, but it turned out that those IPCC oracles have been caught fudging that data. Also the IPCC employs experts in rubbish collection such as that of John Drexhage to advise and recommend on policies that will hinder global economic growth.

Google Scholar came up with publications on Sustainable Development coauthored by Mr. Drexhage. I was expecting that Google Scholar would have come up with scientific publications, but no. It came up with references to publications that recommend how to clean your toilet. I despised these idiots, because it is them that collude with IPCC fraudulent scientists in doctoring climate research reports.

I've only met Mr. Oram once in a conference and had a brief chat at lunch time. He did a presentation at the conference and I wasn't impressed at all with what he had to say (ie, his economic views). Yep preaching about more government interventions because he thought, that's the only way to move the country forward.


OOOh Gooner, I thought we had stopped taking care of Rod oram a long, long time ago.

Still, it helps to be reminded of his leftism and leftist links now and then.

Oram also fuels the irrelevence of the SST for serious economic and business commentary too.

Anonymous said...

"Oram also fuels the irrelevence of the SST for serious economic and business commentary too."

And it's been replaced by your blog I suppose Fairy? Bwahahahahahaha! Can you even fuel irrelevance?

"Macey was a Climate Change Ambassador during the Clark government."

He's the current climate change ambassador Gooner. Try to keep up.

Judge Holden