Saturday, November 28, 2009

News Reporting or Computer Modelling?

The lead story in today's Australian newspaper is the impending doom faced by the Liberal Party if it is successful in defeating Krudd's economically disastrous ETS legislation.

Apparently swinging voters in many urban marginal seats are mostly in favour of 'doing their bit' about global warming. The figures quoted seem to back up the story until you see, way down towards the end, that the poll on which the analysis is predicated was taken in September and the election is not due for another year, unless there is a double disolution and that can't happen until at least June.

Adolf recalls something happened since then which might have some effect. Climategate.

So waddya reckon the polls will say when the Libs get off their butts and campaign on the shonky science exposed just this last week?

Hell hath no anger as an Aussie conned.

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Ackers said...

Let me be so brave as to make a prediction Adolf, based on past performance, the exact opposite to waht you are predicting will come to pass.

As Possum says, what's unfolding with the Libs is the political equivalent of disappearing up ones own fundament.

Climategate or whatever you like to call it has had no impact here except with the wingnuts who follow Bolt and Akerman.

If that's your 'base' then you have a serious problem if you are a political party hoping to regain power in Oz in 2010