Sunday, November 8, 2009

Name suppression is pointless in the internet era

Name suppression is pointless in the internet era, certainly for any kind of public figure or half-baked celebrity like the one currently in trouble.

Name suppression only works in the 21st century if you happened to be an anonymous figure to begin with - perhaps a middle manager at the local Briscoes branch or some other kind of functionary. The moment you are wealthy, successful, famous in some minor kind of way, you may as well pick up the phone and call someone like Malcolm Boyle to help dig you out of the hole you are in. Facebook, Bebo, Myspace and Twitter will all spread the news of your misdeeds by anonymous cynics, so you are simply better to announce the news yourself.

"Dynamite Erection" (name changed to respect the person's identity) is already getting bombarded via social media. He would be better to do issue a genuine and honest statement apologising to the victims and to his fans and show contrition (via some kind of proper community service, but not in same half-arsed pathetic way like Mikey Havoc has found).

He has been lucky to get off without a conviction, but it would seem the Judge's decision to keep the name suppressed will, in my opinion, be the toughest penalty of all in making his crime look much worse than it actually was. Erection now looks like a cowardly rapist, instead of a drunken fool.


Reggie said...

I've seen the name of the "musician" mentioned on trademe . . never heard of him.

pdm said...

Not only the musician should be named but the girls and the parents who let them wander around Wellington's streets and back alleys at 3am. Thereby putting themselves in positions to allow such incidents to occur.