Monday, November 30, 2009

Laugh of the day

From Stuff:
Crucial climate change talks in Copenhagen next month will fail unless wealthy countries agree to a fund to compensate developing countries, Prime Minister John Key says.
We're a wealthy country?


Anonymous said...

We can borrow to fund it!

bez said...

What would he know? He sits there hobknobbing with the Queen in his tux, blowing hot air bubbles out of various orifices. Borrowing 250 mill a week to pay for all that stuff. He must be thinking we'd be at the receiving end of that generosity soon. Mugabe.

ZenTiger said...

The draft documents suggest they have found a way. John Key might be priming us to accept that way.

Just one point alone on their new tax plan should send alarm bells. To date, I have received nary a comment.

It's coming folks, like a train.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Zen.

The “problem” with your posts sometimes is that I don’t know if they’re satire or “real”!! With something like that post, you’d think it was satire – surely these “add-ons” are made up. Then you realise they’re real.



Anonymous said...

I was watching a video clip the other day of Lord Monkton who had seen the draft treaty. Global government is its aim with ETS its funder.
Now I start to understand Key easing the way for Helen Clark to get into the UN - perhaps she sees herself being in charge of overseeing NZ compliance. Commissioner of NZ - or should that me Commissar.
No wonder she is not missing being Prime Minister.
Another thought. What's to bet that the stream of corporations taking their manufacturing operations to third world countries will turn into a torrent as they all line up to dip into the trough of handouts from the UN.
So much for jobs and people in the Western World


erikter said...

The PM is an idiot, a complete fool.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what the ETS is all about...taxing the rich to give to the poor?

And pick up a knighthood and peace prize along the way!

Peter said...

I am a warmist. All of us warmists should mount a two part scientific expedition to explore historical proof that global warming is happening.The facts we will discover will prove our religion to be the one true belief.

First we need to discover where the ark landed after the great flood. More floods are proof/effect of warming. The ark needs to be found, put through a battery of scientific tests, and find out whether that flood was a normal flood or maybe the start of a worrying trend.

Second, we need to find the iceberg that sunk the titanic. Apparantly, with warming goes more icebergs... So if we can scrutinise the titanic iceberg we may find the right answers. Though if found it may have criminal charges of multiple homicide brought against it and the csi teams may interrupt our data collection.

Andrei said...

If it is so funny then how come I'm not laughing?

It is a joke though that I'll grant you

Lucy said...

I feel like crying. But instead I am going to get really really mad.

Anonymous said...

I left NZ because of Helen...
John Key just underscored my brilliant judgment and foresight.

WAKE UP said...

I seem to remember that we were a "developing" country once, and by putting our OWN shoulders to our own wheel, we became "wealthy".

dave said...

yes we are wealthy. our borrowing is not subject to structural adjustment plans by the IMF and we can afford to waste billions over ETS.

KG said...

I posted on this, although less politely...and put up a link back to the post and excellent comments here.

Anonymous said...

our borrowing is not subject to structural adjustment plans by the IMF

for how much longer?

but actually I don't really give a fuck.

Anyone with an ounce of ambition, anyone with a good work ethic, anyone who actually cares enough about their family to provide for their education and healthcare has already left NZ

Christopher Thomson said...

No they haven't. I'm still here.

Anonymous said...


You idiots are just as dumb and OTT as AGW alarmists. Get a grip.

Mark V.

Anonymous said...

All tax is theft by legislation . Pure and simple

ZenTiger said...


No, poor people in impoverished countries are going to die because we (developed nations) are doing stupid things like encouraging the market to produce bio-fuels instead of food, and that has a flow on effect.

We are, as a nation going to squander billions of dollars and that will see job losses and reduction of wealth, and a greater incidence of personal hardship.

And no-one here is claiming John Key is the anti-Christ, just a very naughty boy.

Now go loosen your underwear.