Friday, November 20, 2009

Farmers back ACT position

Federated Farmers, most of whom received numerous propaganda from ACT at the last election on the cost an ETS would put on them, have now done an about turn.

It's true that a tax on carbon won't necessarily affect the weather per se, but as a change-inducing component, it could change behaviour over the long term. A tax on carbon is also fiscally neutral.

Fed Farmers now agree. If they'd just voted ACT last year their 300,00+ votes might have stopped the ETS in its tracks. Now they'll have to wait and see.

If Fed Farmers read this take note: if you vote for who you always have you'll continue to get what you always got.

And of course there is better reason why a carbon tax is better than a rorting scam scheme:
Trading of emission permits around the world will become a financial rort that fails to reduce carbon emissions - and will ultimately be scrapped in favour of a simple carbon tax, a former senior official in the Clinton administration has forecast. Robert Shapiro, former US undersecretary of commerce and author of Futurecast, predicted that the US Senate would reject the emissions trading scheme proposed by President Obama, which is now before it.

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dad4justice said...

A law should be passed to make it illegal to mention ETS in public!! Grow a braincell kiwi, just maybe you could farm them?