Sunday, November 29, 2009

The end of sovereignty as we know it?

I might be wrong but I can't recall the frog-eating-eye-gougers ever being in the Commonwealth.

So when short arsed Sarkozy turns up in Trinidad to muscle up the commitment to Copenhagen, then I get a little concerned.

Especially when his money line is calling for a new world environmental organisation to monitor each counties commitment to the cause.

So the weather is being used as the excuse to set up the new world order. But don't think for one minute that it will stop there. Weather comes and goes but a one world government will hang around forever, like a good old Otago hoar frost.

My pick is that our "commitment" to the cause will mostly involve more government, more tax, less freedom, less sovereignty and having to work harder to make ends meet.

Whilst paying through the nose for a new governing elite who, of course, will only have our best interests at heart. Plus the need to regularly fly to exotic locations to save us from ourselves.

Welcome to one world government.


Lucy said...

Good question. What the hell was he doing at a commonwealth meeting. Did any of the MSM ask?

Lou Taylor said...

That would be a question too far Lucy

WWallace said...

Be very worried about Copenhagen v sovereignty. Here is Christopher Monckton on the contents of the draft Copenhagen treaty.

KG said...

Meanwhile the people have their heads buried firmly in the sand, continuing to believe that because they have a vote, they're free.
The vote does not ensure national sovereignty--let alone freedom--because you can only vote for a faction of the same gang.

Anonymous said...

Here is Christopher Monkton being interviewed since the release of the CRU emails.


baxter said...

Plus the need to regularly fly to exotic locations to save us from ourselves.
...........Don't forget the absolute necessity to be accompanied by a couple of Kaumatua to provide intellectual input.