Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't reward the plagiaristic University

At the University of Auckland, plagiarism is ok.

Not for the students, who are expected to perform honestly, submit original work, and follow the rules. University staff will work hard to ensure students sit exams in a fair, honest and proper way.

But plagiarism is ok for the staff. In fact, the more senior you are, the better it is to copy other people's work.

Professor Witi Ihimaera is a man whose work I thought was good. But it turns out that he has been a plagiarist, and has incorporated other people's work in his literature, and had profited financially, professionally and socially from it.

It's simply not good enough. And the University of Auckland is complicit in this scandal because they aren't going to reprimand him.

But, I hear you say, maybe Professor Witi Ihimaera should be shown some forgiveness. Perhaps he should be shown a way in which he can make amends? Isn't that what universities strive to do?

Well, the University of Auckland certainly didn't do that when it came to Dr Paul Buchanan, who famously told a student they weren't good enough and they shouldn't expect any easy rides. Buchanan had to go to court to get his reputation back.

So on the one hand, they punish a lecturer for demanding high standards from original work, and on the other hand, they fail to punish a professor for one of the biggest sins in academia - plagiarism.

The University of Auckland has, like it or not, sent a strong and powerful message about itself - they are pathetic eunuchs, and intellectually bankrupt. They don't deserve financial contributions from alumni.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

India has its 'untouchables.'

NZ has black poofter academics.

Johnboy said...

Bugger me. Whats the problem?
He is a Mowree. All the other writers owe him.
Its in the treaty for fucks sake.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's all about colour. If Janet Frame or any other Pakeha writer had been caught doing this (and I'm sure she never did), then there would be hell to Pay. Double standards are the norm in NZ. I boycotted Auckland Uni years ago, it's English department is totally morally bankrup, and very uppity!

Classical Liberal said...

And now we see the Auckland Vice Chancellor [kind of an appropriate title given what he tolerates] resorting to bullying behaviour to try and shut the issue down. Poor old Stuart, he has been a bully since school and like Ihimaera is just reverting to type.

What will McCutcheon do when the Black Poofter is shown to have been a plagiarist from the get go? Arrange a promotion?

Anonymous said...

Mid- 70's Clark graduated from this cesspit, looks like she left her customary calling card, Its par for the course when she's been snarling out on the heath in Albert Park with Kelsey and her mates!

Anonymous said...

Actually, University of Auckland is run by a bunch of old, white capitalists. You know, you're chums?

They're the ones who never want the gloss on the rep taken off by honestly dealing with issues. And they're the ones who just nod their heads and do whatever the CEO (sorry, Vice Chancellor) says.

Maybe they'll bring that old crony capitalist John Hood back, to run up a few hundred million more in debt? They can use the debt to buy off the plagiarism hearings committee...