Saturday, November 21, 2009

Climate Change alarmists caught with hands in Co2 jar

I'm off to Wellington for the weekend. Should be fun.

In the meantime, Ian Wishart has a biggie. Read this, this & this.

Let's not forget this.

Nor this.

Earlier this week Lucy Lawless, and that failed NIWA spindoctor scientist, Jim Salinger, tried to pull a stunt by giving John Key the airfare money to fly to Copenhagen next month. Key refused.

He should now go. I have written his speech (see below).
Ladies and Gentlemen

New Zealand has this week been shown to be the least corrupt country in the World.

We are justifiably very proud of that.

On that basis we do not wish to be involved with the cheats, liars and frauds running the climate change circus.

We are pulling out of Kyoto and scrapping the ETS.

Have a nice conference.

I'm now flying back to New Zealand in Al Gore's private jet.


pdm said...

More or less what I told him in the comments section of his latest Keynotes email. Unfortunately I doubt he reads the comments section or even writes the email.

bez said...

Well written speech that, Gooner. If he only had the balls to do that.

Anonymous said...

Salinger is a recipient on some of the leaked e-mails. Not that it implicates him in anything though.