Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bradford on Harawira

I heard Sue Bradford on Newstalk ZB this morning extolling the virtues of Hone Harawira and how parliament needs people like him: she fully supported his views.

This is the same Sue Bradford that Brown Len wants as his deputy on the Auckland Council.

Aucklanders - you are warned.


Keeping Stock said...

Thanks for the warning Gooner. I'm almost glad I live in L(h)awsville!

erikter said...

Both, Harawira and Bradford, represent the worst of NZ society. They are scum.

Anonymous said...

The fact that it took list seat MMP and Maori seats to get both these extremists into parliment is the exact reason we should do away with both.
Fringe parties will always be hijacked by shit stirrers.
I am very happy to have activists pushing their barrows but let them do it from outside parliment.
They want the best of both worlds, representation and activism.
The cost is too high.

We need a strong government focused on leading NZ as a whole. Not continually being hijacked by these idiots.

The upcoming referendum on MMP is a start but somehow I doubt that we will ever see the last of the Maori seats

Consequently making NZ a first world country with third world outcomes forever.

Anonymous said...

So what do you expect

Bradford is a vile marxist bit of crap

Sus said...

Gooner, I heard it, too. And I wondered then, as I still do, as to why anybody would contact her specifically, for comment.

Seriously. Why Bradford?

Pointless exercise.


Ha! Word verif: nessesti

Don't bloody think so. Either of them!