Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Wanted Results?

Well here's 'results.'

There'll be plenty more where that came from.

Adolf looks forward to seeing the scythe go though MinEd next.


alex Masterley said...


It would take Ryall to do that job.

I don't think Tolley is up to that sort of fight, unless the cuts to night school classes are simply a dry run!

And if he did it would be like a hot knife through butter.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Perhaps after the first reshuffle.

Anonymous said...

They have given themselves an near inpossible task of making the DHB systems intercommunicable. There are 3 differing systems in the Wellington region alone and none of them can communicate with each other.
They need to make the hard choice, and have coal facers compare the systems from Auckland, Hutt, Hawkes Bay and Nelson. The rest of the systems are shit. Although Invercargill has one of the best radiology interfaces. Choose the best of them then bin the rest.
It will cost $100m to nationalise it as there are a lot of troughers who will milk the change for all its worth.

erikter said...

Adolf, master cheerleader, your great faith in the National Party government is understandable but misguided.

Time will show your beloved John Key lacks the balls to rock the boat and undertake serious reform of any kind.

In other words, he's a mediocre politician and a wimp.

Lucy said...

Creit where it is due. Its a good move.

KG said...

Good move! It's a start, at least.

Oswald Bastable said...

Credit where it is due- that is a start.

Keep swinging the axe!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

erikter, the brilliance of John Key is that you have been fucked over and you don't yet know it.

Heine said...

It's a start, but it does make me laugh that in order for the Nats to make savings, they in effect create another organisation :)

Adolf - I hope the Ministry of Economic Development is next on the horizon!

Paracelsus said...

The Achilles heel is that it will be staffed from the Ministry. The 1400 plus staff there are almost total dead wood. Far better to have started with a clean slate disestablishing the Ministry in toto.
No-one would miss it. It provides no useful services. The advice it has given to a succession of Ministers has been abominable. One of its most notable achievements under Labour was to subvert the (independent) hospital accreditation programme of Quality Health New Zealand, replacing it with "certification" based on compliance with Ministry written "health and disability sector standards" - all nice stuff about cultural sensitivity, and guaranteed not to embarrass the publicly funded health sector by looking at such tiresome things as perinatal morbidity and mortality.

Sus said...

Just spotted your comment, Paracelsus & agree with your sentiments regarding the MoH, working in the industry myself.

You're all dreaming if you think any serious changes will occur. Read between Tony Ryall's lines:

* Up to 500 jobs could go over the next five years, resulting in savings of up to $700 million.

* The jobs will disappear as a result of attrition and voluntary redundancies

1. "Up to" and "could" are meaningless. But they're a good soundbite.

2. In five years' time, Ryall will be gone and nobody will remember what he said anyway -- or much less care. (The new Health Minister will be outlining the latest plans to "improve frontline services").

3. Unless they're retiring, can you really see bureaucrats voluntarily leaving a job in which there's virtually no accountability? To do what, exactly? Work in the beleagured private sector right now? Yeah, right. If they do leave, they're more likely to move to another govt dept which equals no change in govt expenditure.

I predict that any cuts will be minimal, particularly in light of the Ministry's enormous expansion during the 90s.

Sit back and watch the health deckchairs do nothing more than rearrange themselves -- again.